Brightshare Casino Program Trust Issues

The Brightshare affiliate program is once again in the spotlight. This time, accused of bogus casino chargebacks on their partner accounts. The latest thread at AGD: Brightshare Chargeback, has casino affiliates up in arms and posting proof to back-up these lack-of trust issues, concerning these apparent dodgy chargeback claims. Eventually the affiliate liaison mouth-piece for the Brightshare casino program, made an appearance. Even she claimed ignorance on these charges, at first.

In usual fashion “she” (Marcia), needed to check up on this and went away to ask about these chargebacks. Later returning and claiming, the reason why the figures are higher than the actual deposits, is because a fee of $38 is associated with each and every chargeback. It’s that very low fee, which has raised questions, to authenticity of these chargebacks.

I’ve been in the online casino industry for almost 14 years. Every single chargeback offset on my affiliate accounts, always incurred an additional fee of $100. Sometimes for each and every chargeback instance. Therefore being told by the Brightshare affiliate program Rep., the fee charged to Jackpot Factory Casinos for chargebacks is only $38, raises instant suspicion.

Now, either every other casino affiliate program I’ve partnered over the years, has been telling porky-pies and shaving me with bogus fees or the Brightshare Affiliate Program has once again, been busted shaving their casino affiliate partners. This time using bogus chargebacks to not only scam affiliates but also to steal tagged players from supposedly locked accounts!

With numerous instances raised about Brightshare trust issues, relating to more than a few separate cases, in addition to an ex-program manager (Lloyd Apter) blowing the whistle on Brightshare stealing tagged players, running two databases and other scallywag actions. The latest bogus chargeback claims (in my opinion), is simply another case of how Brightshare, Spiral Solutions and Jackpot Factory Casinos are void of ethics in their business dealings.