Wofacai Owes Casino Affiliate $10,000

While most casino affiliate programs do the right thing, there are others who don’t. This is certainly true for the Wofacai affiliate program (aka webmakemoney888.com). As of today (May 27’th 2014), Wofacai owes one of their affiliates $10,000 (revenue share) for depositing players sent to their casino, dafa888.com

He contacted his affiliate manager at Wofacai, who promised, in writing, to pay him. However the $10,000 never turned up. Since then and multiple emails later, he has been ignored by Wofacai casino affiliate program. Apparently one excuse used was they (Wofacai), had implemented referred play quota’s. That is, if their affiliate partners do not refer five (5) or more depositing players, per month, then any rightful earnings for that month, wil not be paid! That in itself, is criminal behavour. It’s outright theft of legitimate earnings.

Thing is though, these player quota’s where retroactively changed after this casino affiliates joined Wofacai. And in relation to the $10,000 in revenue share owed, the guy has met these terms and conditions. Hence, this was just another excuse by Wofacai, not to honour payment to their casino affiliate partner.

The online casino represented by the Wofacai Casino Affiliate Program is, dafa888.com. An Asian online casino using Playtech software. dafa888.com is directly associated with dafabet.com and clearly it’s not short of money! In a press release by DafaBet.com, it highlights the sponsorship of Aston Villa football club by DafaBet for the 2013/2014 seasons.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Dafabet has struck a two-year deal with Aston Villa to be their official main club sponsor. Dafabet is a leading Asian online gambling company that has grown rapidly over the past 18 months, establishing itself as one of the top gambling companies in the world. In 2012 Dafabet entered the prestigious eGaming Review Power 50 list of online gaming operators.

Part of the deal will have the Dafabet logo on the home and away shirts of Aston Villa and the company will enjoy a host of sponsorship benefits.

DafaBet.com Aston Villa Sponsorship

Dimitris Karatzas, Managing Director of Online Betting and Gaming at AsianBGE, said: “After entering the Premier League last season as international betting partners to two clubs, we saw the increased potential of becoming an official club sponsor. All of the team here are football mad, supporting sides from all around the world. It’s no cliché to say we love, live and breathe the game with extreme passion. It’s a significant and proud moment for us to form a partnership with Aston Villa, a side steeped in tradition. We are delighted to see Dafabet on the front of such a well-recognised shirt and to be associated with a club respected throughout the footballing world.”

John Cruces, Head of Sponsorships at Dafabet added: “The Premier League is second to none in the world of football, simply speaking it’s the most exciting and recognised league in the world. To be associated with one of the oldest and most successful clubs in England will help us achieve our aim of making Dafabet a household name – not just in Asia, where the majority of our players are from, but worldwide.”

Yet while DafaBet.com, Dafa888.com and the Wofacai affiliate program (aka webmakemoney888.com) obviously have no problem shelling out BIG DOLLARS for sponsorship. However their (defabet, dafa888 and wofacai) bank account freeze up, when it’s time to honour payment to one of their casino affiliate partners. There’s a label for that at DOCH, rogue casino affiliate program.

All this could have been easily solved if, Wofacai Casino Affiliate Program had simply paid this affiliate partner his $10,000 in rightful commission. However now, to try and get this person paid, DOCH has to start making waves. Maybe next time, Wofacai Casino Affiliate Program, Dafa888.com and DafaBet.com, when one of your casino affiliates makes you money, you’ll pay them!

Parent Company for Dafabet et al – Asian BGE

List of online gaming sites owned by Asian BGE (asianbge.com):

  • Dafabet Sportsbook – sportsbook.dafabet.com
  • Dafabet Casino – dafabet.com
  • Dafabet Poker – dafapoker.com
  • Dafabet Asian Games – dafabet.com
  • Zipand Casino – seems to have closed
  • 777BABY – 777baby.com
  • Casino Jamboree – casinojamboree.com
  • Dafa888 – dafa888.com

If Defa888.com or it’s parent company Asian BGE have no scruples when it comes to blowing off their affiliate partner. Just as likely they hold little to no respect for players either. Because Dodgy Online Casino History also looks out for casino, poker and sportsbook players, we’d advise against depositing at casinos, pokerrooms or sportsbooks, owned by asianbge.com.