Most Dishonest Casino Affiliate Programs

Dodgy Casino Affiliate Programs

Given I’ve been an affiliate in the online casino industy since 2000, I could write a book on the who’s who on crooks connected to casino affiliate programs. In saying that, it still amazes me, affiliates will signed up with dishonest operators even when they open a new casino affiliate program.  Anyway for 2013, here is my list of online casino affiliate program who, in my opinion will likely scam their affiliate partners.

#1 – Grand Prive Affiliates

Formally operating Microgaming casinos which included,,,,, and And Group, associated to these casinos. There is more than enough information about the entire crooked and dishonest actions of Grand Prive and what they did to shaft their affiliates.

Though, one action which seemed to have gone un-noticed here, is any Microgaming affiliate program can operate two player databases. Early in 2013 it was claimed by a long standing and respect affiliate program manager, who was employed by Brightshare for many years, that they were using two databases and stealing referred players. No proof was supplied and later this person withdraw their cliams. Though, I dare say some pressure was applied to make that happen.

As far as Grand Prive Affiliates program, if you don’t mind being shafted and your rightful commissions on depositing players stolen, then go right ahead and joint this clip joint program. Otherwise stay right away from the crooks at Grand Prive Affiliates.

#2 – Rewards Affiliates

The only reason this casino affiliate program is not at number one, is while they steal players, they will continue to pay affiliates if a player plays at the originally referred casino they sign-up to and were tagged you an account. Other than that, the Rewards Affiliates program is run by crooks too.

In 2011 at the GPWA, it was revealed, Casino Rewards Group, the casinos which Rewards Affiliates promote, were sending straight link mailers to tagged players. Furthermore, the tricky moves of this crooked affiliate program, meant the last referrer was the tag who got the credit for the player sign-up. Hence, if a player clicked on your Captain Cooks Casino link, signed-up. Then clicked on the mailer landing on and then clicked on any of the casino links, that player would be deemed a direct typein and not referred by you. Thus the refering affiliate received no credit for this player.

Numerous facts backed with proof were sumbitted to affiliate forums and the GPWA, who incidently showed an unatural bias to this affiliate program. Even with all this evidence, the GPWA like other affiliate forums, instead of blacklisting both Rewards Affiliates and Casino Rewards, actively swept the case under the preverbial carpet. My advice stay the hell away from Rewards Affiliates, they will steal your referred players.

#3 – Brightshare Casino Affiliates Program

Some maybe thinking why is Brightshare listed as a dishonest affiliate program? They pay commission to their affiliates, though not in accordence to their T&C agreement on the 15’th or the next business day. This leads itself to ask the obvious question, does Brightshare honour its own affiliate terms and conditions agreement. In a word, NO!

The Brightshare catch cry is, “Playing Fair. Sharing Success.”

Yet dig into their past and not so distant actions (March 2013). You may start questioning the sincerity and truthfulness of Brightshare casino affiliate program. In the aforementioned Grand Prive paragraph, I mentioned the double database issue raised by a long standing and trusted, though former Brightshare program manager. Clearly it’s not impossible for a Microgaming affiliate program to use two (2) player databases, which btw Microgaming would have to veto.

It would certainly give rise to, and justify accusations by affiliates who promoted and who supposedly Brightshare mapped over years of USA based tagged players to the these affiliate accounts. However, these affiliates (many being long standing and respect peers), claimed Brightshare were robbing them blind. Seems to me the only way that would be possible is if Brightshare was running two (2) player databases.

Eventually closed but not before Brightshare cut a deal with an RTG casino, and without informing their partners, redirected referred players to the RTG venue, Jackpot Capital Casino.

Strangely, I’ve not heard of any Brightshare affiliates caught up in the AllSlotsUSA fiasco (err scam), receiving much, if any affiliate payments assoicated with or the redirected traffic to Jackpot Capital Casino.

Ironically the Brightshare casino affiliate program commenced using the acronym of BS. Which, given the above dishonest and dodgy actions they seem well practiced in, I think BS (err bullshit), is very good and true indication of the treatment you’ll probably receive from Brightshare. I for one can say they hold the truth very losely and have very little respect for truth or being 100% honest!

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