Video Slots Affiliate Program Stats Data Gone

Affiliate programs from time to time may update their tracking software. Occasionally, stats data may become corrupted. In such cases, the casino affiliate program pulls out all stops to have the correct data displayed. However in the case of Video Slots Affiliates, this data, more specifically player deposits, withdrawals and other tracking data, was manually removed from the backend.

Initially their casino partners were told it was temporary issue. Going on to state, deposit and withdrawal stats (among others) would be reinstated within two (2) weeks. Well, that never happened. Three (3) plus years on, and Video Slots Affiliates are still in the dark.

To make matters worse, Video Slots Affiliates are saying a plethora of insane fees are being deducted from GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue). Affiliates are being hammered between 85% to 96%. Leaving affiliate commissions between $4 to $15, from $100 lost to the casino by their tagged players. Video Slots Casino has a habit of making brash claims. Yet, when the numbers are crunched, the true percentage value is extremely low, and nowhere near the figures stated. To give an example, lets take a look at their slots machine cashback offer.

Video Slots 25% Cashback

Players reading that statment, can’t be blamed for expecting to receive 25% cashback on all spins. Because frankly, that’s exactly what it states. However in keeping with Video Slots Casino’s inability to adhere to truthful marketing, crunching the numbers reveals the true cashback is around 1% of spins. Big difference between advertising 25% and only receiving 1% cashback, huh!

Video Slots Affiliate Program

An identical bait and switch is used over at

Terms and conditions for fees and deductions state: “Your Revenue Share is calculated from the casino‚Äôs earnings of Your referred players minus Our game license fee, casino bonuses, admin fees, jackpot fees, regulator taxes, bank fees and chargebacks.” Not one (1) single or solitary fee and or deduction is stated in monetary or % value. The base commission starts at 25%.

Reiterating Video Slots Affiliates are being hammered on the aforementioned GGR deductions of between 85% to 96%. So just like the bogus 25% cashback on all spins, Video Slots Affiliates are really only receiving between 4% to 15% commission. Not 25% at all!

Non Transparency at Video Slots Affiliate Program

The Terms and Conditions over at this casino affiliate program were updated on 2017-04-18. Yet they failed to include the monetary or percentage value of each GGR deduction. The affiliate program backend still hasn’t reinstated the missing stats. It seems Video Slots Affiliate Program is happy to continue with their non-transparency. Clearly they don’t care. That’s pretty sad!