Tropica Casino Another Israeli Clip Joint

Anyone au fait with the online gaming industry, knows 99.999% of casinos operated out of Israel or owned by Israeli’s are clip joints. Seems any day other than a Sabbath, they’d sell your children, if they could turn a buck! There’s a list as long as my arm, of dodgy casinos and affiliate programs, who have operated out of Israel, who have scammed affiliates and players alike.

One such dodgy Israeli casino affiliate program was Affactive. In 2016 the owners were charged with a pump and dump securities fraud. They are currently serving jail time. It was also reported these owners were caught up in the world-wide WordPress Hacking scam.

Yet another Israeli casino group Cyberrock Entertainment N.V., a Curacao, Netherlands Antilles shelf company. Is not paying their winners. Worse, they’re keeping deposits. This casino group owns the following Rival Powered Casinos:

  • Ricardo’s Casino
  • Tropica Casino
  • Gibson Casino
  • Slots Jackpot
  • Fiz Casino
  • Vegas Days Casino
  • Tradition Casino
  • Rock Bet
  • Bet Cave
  • Vegas Amped
  • Go Fish Casino
  • Casino Lust
  • Grand 21 Casino
  • Supreme Play
  • Play 2 Win

Withrawal Limits on Non Bonus Deposits

Yes, you read that correctly. All Cyberrock Entertainment N.V. casinos, enforce a 10x maximum withdrawal limit on all deposits, even when a bonus is not associated with the deposit. As you can see from the following T&C’s clause:

All Deposits of 249 USD/EURO/GBP/AUS or less have a max withdrawal of 10X the deposit for that specific play session (all other currencies pegged to USD). Once a withdrawal is approved, the casino applies the 10X rule and corrects the withdrawal to accurately reflect the 10X rule. The remaining funds are deemed ‘Non-Withdrawable’ and are cleared from the player’s balance.

Tropica Casino Long Withdrawal Delays

Neteller Cashier at Tropica Casino states:
Withdrawals can take between 2 – 18 working days to process.

However, the Tropica Casino T&C’s state: fifteen – eighteen (15 – 18) working days starting the date authorization process was completed successfully. Processing a pending withdrawal requires authorization from the Fraud department as well.

Comparing these absurd withdrawal delays at Tropic Casino etc., with Video Slots – web wallet payments are 24/7 and, every day of the year. Withdrawals up to $1,500 are sent to a player’s web wallet in under one (1) hour, most times a lot quicker. Withdrawals over $1,500 require approval but are processed between 7:30am – 11pm (Malta time, every single day). Approval takes (on average) 30 minutes or less and winning’s hit the player’s web wallet within minutes.

In 2017 web wallet payments can be paid within 60 minutes. Not weeks. Another reason Tropica Casino is a Clip Joint, and should be avoided by all online gamblers.

Useless eGaming License at Tropica Casino

While gaming licenses are issued at Curacao, I’m not certain if Tropica Casino is licensed here. And, even if they were, Curacao gaming commission is abut as useless as tits on a bull. They do nothing to protect gamblers from clip joint operators. DOCH has decided to blacklist the Curacao Gaming Commission, because frankly they are useless.