Gambler Player Mediation is Not Arbitration

Most affiliate and gambling player forums, offer a so-called Mediation service. But, all are clueless to what Mediation actually means. They confuse their service with Arbitration. A mediator is a neutral, unbias 3’rd party. It’s the job of a mediator, not to judge who’s right or wrong. Instead, bring both parties to an acceptable agreement and settlement. Arbitration is an informal court; one winner, one loser. Mediation is helping both parties achieve a fair outcome.

I’ve always held a firm belief in fairness for all. It’s why DOCH takes a stand against all unethical, and down right dodgy actions perpitrated against players and affiliates alike. Just because it may seem like a great business decision, that doesn’t always mean it’s a great people decision. It’s why, honest business dealings within the online gambling industry, are, at best, a debatable topic.

So next time you seek help to get your winnings an online gambling venue has confiscated. Or, a gambling affiliate program is treating you baldy, keep in mind the difference between Arbitration and Mediation. If you feel your mediator is being bias, call them to count on it. Speak up, point out and explain the difference, between Mediation and Arbitration.