Video Slots Affiliates Blacklisted

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat. This is certainly true for casino affiliates commission calculations. The biggest headache for igaming partners is, the limited data some affiliate programs supply. Video Slots Affiliates, is one such program. Sometime back in 2014 (maybe earlier), they completely removed vital player data. At the time, Video Slots Affiliates claimed it was short-term issue. They promised player data would be restored within a couple of weeks.

Broken Promises by Video Slots Affiliate Program

That promise was never kept. Instead, that crucial player data has been missing from affiliate’s accounts since 2014. Over the years, the same question has been asked many times, “When will this player data be restored?” The Video Slots Affiliate Managers say, “We’re working on it.” Nothing more than talk to the hand responses. Just more excuses and stonewalling delays.

Why Do Casino Affiliates Need Player Data?

Why do people need itemised phone bills etc!
Because they show a breakdown of charges. Casino affiliate’s need to see player deposits, withdrawals, bonuses, taxes and other operational fees. Casino partners run a business too. For the same reason people need itemised phone bills, affiliates need itemised player data.

Video Slots Affiliates Program Rogued

Back in March 2017, partners of the Video Slots Affiliates Program, after yet another epic forum dispute and, lashings of VS Affiliate Manager semantics, decided to throw them into the Doghouse at the AGD affiliates forum. Within hours of Video Slots being labeled a rogue affiliate program, VS went into damage control. Three (3) years of excuses, broken promises and semantics, replaced by a keen need to fix this situation, and thus remove the program from the Doghouse.

If it had been my call, Video Slots Affiliates Program would have remained in the Doghouse till all the player data was reinstated. However, that didn’t happen. Instead, two (2) days later they were removed. With that, the same old BS excuses and delays returned. Video Slots Affiliate Program has proved time and time again, they hold the truth very loosely, and can’t be trusted.

Trust is a Must Have For Casino Affiliates

For some bizarre reason this fact, seems lost, at some igaming affiliate programs. When, it should be as plain as the nose on anyone’s face. As far as DOCH is concerned, Video Slots Affiliates Program broke their affiliate’s trust, by reneging on their 2014 promise, to reinstate the player data stats. While Murphy’s Law can interfere with good-faith-plans, what happened at Video Slots, is by no means an accident, by any stretch of one’s imagination. Instead, a very clear agenda, and distinct motivation, fueled the removal of these player stats.

Video Slots Affiliates Used and Abused

That’s the true extent here. With no means of knowing what deductions were coming off GGR (gross gaming revenue), much less, what referred players had deposited, worse, not knowing the value of each GGR deductions; VS affiliates had asked for this information many times before. Like the broken promises on the player data, the GGR calculations were an undisclosed secret too.

Way back around 2012, I recall Lucas the then Video Slots Affiliate’s Rep., over at CAP (Casino Affiliate Programs) forum, trying desperately to rally up webmasters to join the program. 60% life-time-revenue was on offer.

A legitimate casino could not pay affiliates 60% life-time-revenue. It’s impossible. Should have been an instant red-flag to casino affiliates. It was one for me! So, in my usual outspoken nature, I started asking questions. The more I dug, the more Video Slots Lucas got annoyed. If someone is getting bent out of shape when asked about facts, then you can usually bet, it’s because they are bullshitting. In the end, Lucas refused to answer my questions and, avoided telling the truth.

As I suspected, that 60% life-time-revenue commission was a hustle. Once deductions/fees were calculated and deducted from GGR, that 60% commission, was reduced to a bad joke.

Affiliates Paid Peanuts at Video Slots Casino

It’s estimated casino affiliates supply casinos with between 80% to 95% of all their depositing gamblers. If it wasn’t for affiliates, igaming entities dependent on these promotions, would go out of business. Yet, here we have the Video Slots Affiliates Program, breaking promises and hoodwinking their hard working casino partners.

Crunching the numbers; using the default 25% commission base stated at VS Affiliates Program, these hard working, legit affiliates, earn between 4% to 15% commission. More often it’s less than 4% or worse, they earn a BIG fat $0. Why?

Because the Video Slots Affiliates Program are literally shaving their affiliates blind. Reiterating, the same people who provide Video Slots casino with the majority of their depositing gamblers.

Over the last few weeks (May 2017), the hidden and secret GGR deductions have surfaced. These deductions are insane! Affiliates are being hammered with 100% of the entire operational costs, of Video Slots businesses portfolio.

EG – A Gross Gaming Revenue of $6,000, ends up being slashed so ferociously and unethically, the affiliate is paid a pathetic $184.74 commission. It works out at a lowly 3.073%. That’s a scam!

Definition of the word Scam

  • A dishonest scheme; fraud.
  • Diddle, hussle, shakedown, con, con trick, swindle.

Video Slots Affiliates Program Rogued

17+ years of being a casino affiliate has taught me a lot of things. One of these skills, is identify Bullshit and, a shakedown. Legitimate casino affiliates work long, hard hours. Frankly, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Reiterating, 100% trust is required when working with igaming affiliate programs. Basically, they hold all the Aces. SO when a program acts in the manner that Video Slots Affiliates Program has, casino partners need to give them a wide berth. In fact, they need to run in the opposite direction, fast. If a affiliate program can’t be honest about their true commission values, refuse to answer legitimate questions honestly or worse, feel it ethical to be unethical by deducting 100% of their operational costs, fees etc., etc., from affiliate earnings, then they deserve to be on the DOCH casino affiliate program blacklist.