Marty Davis Cares Only For Gambling Wages Affiliates

Well the plot thickens in the push for Gambling Wagers to clean up its and The Casino Group of rogue casinos.

The Marketing executive supposedly head hunted by Gambling Wages has been employed for the purpose of getting their casino affiliates paid. The players who have been scammed by the casino affiliates promoting these rogue casinos are not worth even a mention in a quote taken directly from the man himself Marty Davis of Gambling Wages.

Marty Davis Gambling Wages.

FYI – I am the former Chief Marketing Officer for NINE.COM and I was brought onto the team primarily to take care of our most valued resource our Affiliates!!!

Maybe Bodog Becky has confused the Marty Davis she knows with an impostor. Because frankly from where I’m sitting the most important resource to the online gaming industry are the players!

This is certainly not the type of public address I would expect from a Chief Marketing Officer purported to be a top bloke. This sounds IMO more like the exact dodgy lines that have spewed from the mouths of The Virtual Casino Group since 2001.