Hidden Affiliate Commission Deductions Fees

Visting AffiliateRepublik.com you’d think your were in safe hands. This casino affiliate program claims trust and fairness. Boasts years of experience in the iGaming Industry and being past affiliate’s too.

affiliate republik casino affiliate program

Affiliate Republik terms and conditions state:

Clause 6. – Commission
Net revenue is the gross revenue generated from a player’s bets and losses less bonus cost (the game win) less the cost for licensing fees, betting and gaming taxes, payment processing costs, jackpot contributions, and any cost associated with fraud such as chargebacks or refunds.

However what the Affiliate Republik T&C’s fail to disclose, are the exact monitory or percentage values attributed to, each of these hidden commision deductions. I had a new referred player:

  • They deposited a total of €175.90.
  • This player received a total of €105.40 in bonuses.
  • This player busted out – aka lost.
  • Net Revenue on this player? €119.59.
  • Total commission earned on this player? €35.88.
  • Affiliate Republik total hidden deduction fees? €56.28
  • A 32% hidden fee deduction – fair and trusted? Really, seriously!

Lets just look at this for a moment. As an Affiliate Republik partner I receive 25% on player losses. So shouldn’t I also only be charged 25% of these hidden deductions? With SlotsMillion wearing the remaining 75%. In any other busines, if I were to hold a 25% stake, then I’d pay a 1/4 of the operational costs and would also received a 1/4 (25%) of the business profits.

Yet another perfect example, how a casino affiliate program juggle/Doctor the books, to steal legitimate and rightful commission earnings from their affiliate partners.