AU NZ Tax Invoices Rewards Affiliates Refusal

Australia and New Zealand have a tax-treaty. This means, tax paid by a citizen of AU or NZ, in either of these two (2) countries, is permitted to use those tax payments, as deductions against their own yearly tax returns.

Because I’m an Australia citizen, the NZ Tax which Rewards Affiliates were garnishing from my Gross Commission (approx AU$250,000), I’m entitled (by NZ/AU tax law) to request an invoice (proof) of these taxes paid. Reiterating, this is NOT a choice, it’s an AU/NZ tax law. Hence, when a person requests that proof, the company paying it, is (by law) obligated to provide that proof.

Now some folks may say, yes but RA/CR et al are incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Yes they are. However, ITSM.Digital is operating from Australian soil, and so too is Rewards Affiliates and  Casino Rewards. In fact, they operate all these online casinos and affiliate program from a office complex in the heart of Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia. Hence, they are obligated by law, to adhere to, and follow AU law to the Letter.

EG – If a travelled to the USA, even though I’m an Australian citizen, I have to, and must abide by, USA laws. same goes for ITSM.Digital, Casino Rewards, and their igaming affiliate program, Rewards Affiliates.

When Rewards Affiliates commenced garnishing NZ tax from my Gross Affiliate Commissions, I contacted my Affiliate Manager, and requested they supply me with NZ Tax Invoices for the tax they were garnishing each month. My AM flatly refused. I responded, stating, Australia and New Zealand have a tax treaty. Meaning, any tax paid in either of these countries, by either of their citizens, can be used as a tax deduction against their yearly tax returns in their country (AU and NZ).

Again, I’m told to basically go jump. By this stage I have the ATO breathing down my neck, stating I owe the X, yet I’m telling them I’ve already paid more than what they’re demanding, in NZ Tax. Without proof (NZ Tax invoices), I was a shot goose.

I tried again, stating the ATO are on my heels. Didn’t care. Happy to throw me under the bus. At the point I received an email from my Rewards Affiliates (affiliate manager) stating she’d spoken to the CFO, and… “because they pay the NZ Tax, they do not have to provide me with NZ Tax Invoices,” That was the biggest pack of BS I’d heard in a long time.

Fact, they (Rewards Affiliates) were garnishing NZ tax from my Gross Commission earnings (from Sept 2020 to Nov 2023 – when they terminate my account for speaking out about this scam), paying me the remainder (Net) and the ATO was then expecting me to pay for tax on that Net Income. But without the NZ Tax invoices I was screwed.

I’m of the firm opinion that this NZ tax is either an dodgy cash grab, or ITSM.Digital, Rewards, Casino Rewards, et al, are claiming these NZ taxes as their own tax deductions here in Australia. Either way, it’s Tax Fraud to the extreme. It’s not a few $1,000 dollars a month. Instead, just from myself alone, they have garnished over AU$250,000, since Sept 2020.

Stranger than fiction, both Casino Rewards and Rewards Affiliates, when it comes to KYC framework and protocols, including money laundering, they make claim that they adhere to the aforementioned laws without question.

All these companies are operating on Australian soil, and are obligated by law, to provide tax invoices for tax garnished. However, instead of complying with these AU/NZ laws, my affiliate manager claims because they pay this NZ Tax, they do not have to give me tax invoices.  Ummmm your garnished my money, to pay these taxes, so yes you do have to provide tax invoices.

Is this NZ Tax a scam? Just like the unethical cross marketing scam, which stolen 100’s of thousands of tagged players, from Rewards Affiliates Partners. Which btwRewards Affiliate flatly denied. But later when busted red handed on this lie, they basically said, stiff titties.

Why wont Rewards Affiliates provide NZ tax invoices for tax garnished from my affiliate account? These are questions which point to some pretty dodgy acts. Actually if the above is true, it’s a huge Tax Fraud Ruse!