Rewards Affiliates Hijacking Tagged Players

Casino affiliates make their commission by referring players to online casinos. These players are tracked by a unique affiliate code, sometimes called a btag. When a player signs-up, that player is tagged to the affiliate who referred them.

Respectable casino affiliate programs understand, the casino would not have these player details if, the affiliate did not refer the player. Hence, any cross marketing of other casino brands owned by a gaming group sent to players signed up under an affiliate, will always include the affiliates tracking tag.

However Rewards Affiliates has been busted hijacking tagged players. They’ve been sending multiple emails to players via 3’rd party mailers. Whilst Casino Rewards Group who owns the 22 online casinos connected to this unethical cross marketing, has been doing the same thing.

Players tagged to referring affiliates have had their tags dropped and Casino Rewards & Rewards Affiliates has been screwing their affiliate partners out of their rightful player commissions.

Casino affiliates who partner with Rewards Affiliates (RA), promote Casino Rewards (CR) who have 22 online casino gaming venues. CR also operates a loyalty program for all of their online casinos. In essence when a player joins any of these casinos, they receive an email from CR directing them to their website to claim their sign-up bonus. On this web site are banners and links advertising all of the 22 gaming properties.

The problem faced by affiliates who are working with Rewards Affiliates, their affiliate tags are dropped from these mailers. Hence the player clicks through to Casino Rewards un-tagged, visits any of the 22 casino venues, signs up and the affiliate not only loses this player to CR, but also gets screwed out of their rightful commissions.

This issue was first brought to the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmaster Association) back on the 8’th of March 2011. Although Renee the spokesperson for Rewards Affiliates made a couple of posts claiming people had it wrong, RA nor Casino Rewards have issued a public announcement telling affiliates how they plan to right their wrong doings.

On the 13’th of April 2011, a spokesperson for the GPWA (Anthony) stated, “Yes, Renee is talking with the powers that be and should have something posted in the next few days.” Well it’s now close of business in Sydney Australia, and still affiliates are waiting again for a promised post that again hasn’t arrived.

Based on proof seen with my own two eyes, the unethical cross marketing conducted by RA and CR shows clear intent to hijacking tagged players from their casino affiliate partners. Whether intentional or accidental is a moot point. What needs addressing, is how these two gaming entities intend to compensate their affiliate partners for their losses.

Come Monday the 18’th of April 2011, if that public statement is not forth coming or if Casino Rewards refuses to compensate affiliates for their losses and map their hijacked players back to their accounts, Dodgy Online Casino History will have no other choice but to blacklist this entire online casino group, all 22 casinos and place a warning to all affiliates in regard to the Rewards Affiliates program.

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