Rewards Affiliates Scam at GPWA

From March 8’th 2011 at the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association) a long time forum member posted proof that Rewards Affiliates were scamming their affiliate partners with unethical cross marketing.  Its been proven with factual evidence Rewards Affiliates scam their affiliate partners by contacting their tag players with untagged links.

A private GPWA voting poll was commenced to determine if Rewards Affiliates should be suspended as a sponsor program. This unethical cross marketing does contravene the GPWA sponsorship Code of Conduct*.

The Executive Director of the stated*:

Calls for suspension in the private forums are taken seriously.

That vote returned a YES to suspend Rewards Affiliates as a sponsor program at the GPWA. However as a result Rewards Affiliates was not suspended. Instead the Executive Director of the GPWA turned tail and stated*:

The poll was to obtain a sense of the membership.

In my opinion and others it points to the GPWA holding a contra deal & or a conflict of interest with Rewards Affiliates. To this day (9’th August 2011) this forum thread remains*.

This unethical cross marketing has been swept under the carpet and the GPWA continues to provide a safe haven to Rewards Affiliates by given it carte blanche to scam online gaming affiliates.

NB – the topic of Rewards Affiliates scamming their affiliate partners with unethical cross marketing has been brought to other online gaming forums.  However a similar mindset prevails and these threads are closed quickly using any silly excuse. Or those who protest against Rewards Affiliates face personal attacks.

Recently I challenged Renee the affiliate manager and spokesperson for Rewards Affiliates at AGD (Affiliate Guard Dog). I posted screen shot proof, backed with email proof that Rewards Affiliates continues to unethically cross market their gaming properties. However even with all that proof and facts, the owner of AGD closed that thread down*.

The owner of AGD (Guard Dog) stated*:

This WAS a professional forum. Since I intend to to keep it that way – I am going to do what makes sense to me…This thread is closed.

AGD like so many other gaming affiliate forums have ties back to the GPWA. Either by the owners hold private membership or in the case of AGD having their own GPWA forum. Was this Rewards Affiliates thread closed because of pressure from the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association?