Mission2Game Casino Licensed or Not

Seems a lot of casino affiliates aren’t too concerned if a casino is licensed and regulated. Just as long as they get their commissions paid, then all is sweet. Well, DOCH thinks that’s a really bad attitude to have. Hence why I’ve decided to blog about Mission2Game.com.

The GuardDogAffiliates Forum recently accepted Paid Sponsorship from Boomtown Affiliates. I asked Marina (the boomtownaffiliates rep), where Mission2Game is licensed and regulated?

Instead of a straight answer, She dodged the question. When pushed, “we previously had a gaming license from Curacao“. I’m not an English major but “previously” means in the past.

Mission2Game.com has been in operation about a year. Over this short time, they’ve been associated with spamming. Even after being announced as a certified “paid” sponsor of the AGD forum, Boomtown Afffiliates has been sending unsolicited emails (errr spam), to affiliates. One such spam claim can be viewed in the AGD Boomtown Thread.

The question still not answered, is Mission2Game.com currently Licensed and Regulated?


Don’t mean to hassle you Marina but I’m confused… You stated:
“we previously had a gaming license from Curacao”

previously means:
At a previous or earlier time; before. In the past.
EG – I previously lived at 333 Mockingbird Lane, I now live at 555 seagull drive.

Thing is I can’t seem to find your valid license though, can you give me the Curacao license number, a link to where it states your currently licensed in Curacao, would be even better, thanks.

That question was asked on the 10’th November 2015. Two days later, Marina Boomtown is still MIA. Rather odd given before this licensing and regulation question came up, Marina was very active in the thread – even answering questions on a Saturday.

Is this the actions of what one would expect from a certified casino affiliate program?

In the words of Andy (the owner of AGD)…

Marina has been excellent in regards to both communication and integrity

Seriously? That entire fluffed post resembles a paid endorsement for Boomtown Affiliates.

No one with integrity dodges questions nor do the send out unsolicited emails (aka spam).

It’s the opinion of DOCH that due diligence and duty of care, should be an intricate part of any certification process. This should also include fine-tooth combing through each respective online casino or gaming site connected to the affiliate program.

It’s a 100% total cop-out and lame excuse to say, we’re only concerned about casino affiliates. Ironically the people who end up being affected by these slack certification practices, are the players. And without players, casino affiliates have no commission earnings.

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  1. Just dug up some more info on Mission2Game.com. It’s owned by Celicorp Limited, who operates, as far as I can tell both the casino and Boomtown Affiliates.

    The previous Director and Secretary of Celicorp Limited was (take a look at the dates):

    PAGE, Michael John
    Correspondence address
    Giannou Kranidiotti 10, Apartment 2 Sirena Olympia, Building A, Building A, Pathos, Cyprus, 8035

    Role – Secretary
    Appointed – 16 September 2013
    Resigned on – 16 October 2013

    Current Director and Secretary of Celicorp Limited is:
    Correspondence address
    Bo San Rafael, Contiguo A Cabinas, La Depo Aiquirres, Limon, Costa Rica

    Role – Director
    Appointed – 16 October 2013
    Nationality – Costa Rica
    Country of residence – Costa Rica
    Occupation – Director
    Role – Secretary
    Appointed – 16 October 2013

    And where do I think Mission2Game.com gaming servers are NOW, Costa Rica.

    Why do I doubt Mission2Game is not being honest about having a current gaming license. Well I don’t think they actually have one. Below is Marnia Boomtown, the Aff AM stating so:


    Regarding the Gaming license, we previously had a gaming license from Curacao, but due to changes within our structure we decided to obtain a license in a jurisdiction we feel will offer players the most protection and will update our site in the near future.

    But still no mention of where Mission2Game hold their new gaming license & are regulated.

    For those of you who don’t know, Costa Rica does not issue gaming licenses. They only issue a business license. Exactly the same business license issued to a Costa Rica Shoe Shop.

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