Calvin Ayre, Bodog Becky Aces for Gambling Wages

The Virtual Casio Group has been conducting its business dealings in a less than honourable fashion for many years. And so to has its affiliate arm Gambling Wages (GW). It is one of the few casino groups that is listed on practically every blacklist. It’s made it to the status of rogue casinos because it doesn’t not pay it’s winners.

Over the years we’ve all heard stories that Virtual Casino Group wants to clean up their act. However to date everyone of these has been a marketing ploy. And unfortunately players who are owed considerable amounts of money have again been shafted by this rogue casino group.

In late April 2010 it was revealed  The Virtual Casino  Group again has put forward the intention to clean up its act & turn over a new leaf. In doing it had employed a well respected industry figure a Mr Marty Davis, probably better know for his marketing work with Who was now heading a team at Gambling Wages responsible for getting past affiliates and player debits paid.

News broke at a number of industry forums. With Marty Davis asking for affiliates/players who are owed money by Virtual Casino Group to contact him via PM (private message) on the forum and to put their claim forward. Apart from maybe 3 – 4% of gamblers visiting forums, the remaining players owed winnings by The Virtual Casino Group have again been left out in the cold.

As this story escalated questions regarding the integrity of Marty Davis and why anyone would work for a know casino clip joint were emerging. At this point and at the well know casino watch dog site it was revealed in the forum, Calvin Ayre the owner of the Bodog Brand and past owner of Bodog Poker and Casino online venues, had published an article  on his site which lent itself to giving credence to Gambling Wagers.

Further into this emerging story, and back at the casinomeister forum, the chief editor for Calvin Ayre site known as Bodog Becky made a post giving Marty Davis the thumbs up as a good bloke. A number of post followed by Bodog Becky stating Marty Davis was a personal friend et al, which included further boastings about the Marty Davis reputation.

Whilst all this was taking place momentum was building up on the all Aces Gambling Wages article at the Calvin Ayre site. Posts has commenced here too and they were asking very direct questions. has outlawed and rogued The Virtual Casino Group, the owners of Gambling Wages, yet ironically the advertising banner for appeared parallel to the advertising banner for Gambling Wages on the home page of, certainly sparked an intense flurry of posts.

The man himself Calvin Ayre responded accordingly and seemed unaware of the past history of The Virtual Casino Group. However in a post at forum, his Chief Editor Bodog Becky admitted knowing about this rogue casino operation.

Of course nothing in the online casino is done at a 1/2 rate motion. At it seems no story emerges that does not have it’s share a twists and turns. If you enjoy TV soaps, you’ll find entertainment in the online gaming industry.

From my own personal perspective and having seen stories like this since entering the industry in 2000, I’m starting to wonder if the involvement of Marty Davis with Gambling Wages and the Virtual Casino Group is as it’s been told.

Has Calvin Ayre put in a bid to purchase Gambling Wages and The Virtual Casino Group?  Would this deal involve the agreement of having Marty Davis head the payment team responsible for clearing all debits to players and affiliates, before Calvin Arye signs the purchase contract?

Of course this is only my theory.

Having a facebook account and following Calvin Ayre before he opened his web site, I was inundated with marketing posts, all titled with Calvin Ayre. Obviously a ploy to increase branding and search engine rankings. In addition I’ve never seen Bodog Becky make a post or a forum comment that does not directly market the company she has been hired to promote.

To me it seems quite odd that Bodog Becky being the Cheif Editor of would not advise here boss about the past history of Gambling Wages or that of The Virtual Casino Group.  It also seems odd that Calvin Ayre who owned Bodog Casino and Poker room located in  Costa Rica where The Virtual Casino Group office are located, was oblivious to their past dodgy and rogue antics.

There are just too many dots that don’t join up here.
I hold doubts to Bodog Becky and Calvin Ayre All Aces for Gambling Wages and am waiting for the possible real reason why Marty Davis is at Gambling Wages and support The Virtual Casino Group.