21GrandCasino Blacklisted Rogue

I don’t get kicks from placing a rogue listing on any casino. However there comes a time when you have to wake up and smell the coffee. In the case of the Rival white label 21GrandCasino.com that coffee is well and truly burnt. There have been numerous complaints filed at CasinoMeister.com from players who have not been paid. There are also affiliates who have not been paid either. The final straw for me and the catalyst for the blacklisted rogue status, came with a thread over at AGD 21grandcasino going rogue.

A player who has been wagering between €25 – €100 a hand won 3,000. He requested payment a couple of weeks ago and like others is still waiting for his casino winnings to be paid. Worse, he had to request this withdrawal in two (2) separate chunks – 21GrandCasino has a weekly withdrawal cap.

The following image is a screen capture taken at the Rival white label 21grandcasino.com home page.  It talks about their (21grandcasino) giving an “unrivaled online casino gaming experience. Our players are number one in our book“…etc…etc. They go on to say, “At 21GrandCasino our number one priority is the satisfaction of our customers.

Rival white label 21grandcasino.com
21GrandCasino Blacklisted Rogue

21GrandCasino Rules – Terms & Conditions

1.8.4. The maximum sum of a single withdrawal is $2000. Larger sums will be paid in installments. Each installment will not be larger than $2000. Installment will be paid once every 2 weeks.

This is absurd. In my book, if a casino accepts a wager it must also have the means to pay this wager in full if the player wins. However 21GrandCasino accepting bets ranging from €25 – €100,  and will obviously continue to accept large casino bets but will not honour nor pay-out these winnings if they are over and above $2,000. Instead 21GrandCasino.com uses clip joint and frankly rogue casino rules to hobble its casino players.

Today 11″ October 2010, I now place the Rival white label casino 21GrandCasino Blacklisted Rogue.

On 30’th March 2010 and after the TraditionCasino blackjack fiasco, I placed a warning Blacklisting on all Rival white labels. This also included giving TraditionCasino Rogue status. It should be noted that TraditionCasino has since changed its name to GibsonCasino.com.

I’ve seen and heard enough about 21GrandCasino and their clip joint antics. In my view the Rival powered 21GrandCasino is probably another white label Rival casino run by a Ma and Pa outfit in someone’s basement. I’m also sick and tired of reading the lip services of Rival Gaming reps – the casino software provider who 21GrandCasino.com is one of their licensees. Who come to various player and affiliate forums, makes promises and don’t keep them. The same goes for the 21GrandCasino forums representative.

Unlike a bricks and mortar casino, players and affiliates have to trust what an online casino states is fact. Playing at internet casino can be a good experience. However 21GrandCasino is what gives other casinos a bad name. If a players deposit and a casino accepts that wager and the player wins, you pay that player within the industry accepted period.  Not paying casino winners and; stalling and; making up excuses and; generally stuffing players around with lies, is not how you operate a respectable online casino.