Bewinners Affiliate Scam

Bwin Rogue Affiliate Program

There seems little hope that Bwin and its affiliate program Bewinners is going to back down on retroactively changing affiliate contracts. Bwin Gaming affiliates and their new affiliate program Bewinners – established since the merger of PartyGaming and Bwin, are stealing the rightful income revenue from affiliates who have promoted Bwin.

Bewinners Blacklisted Rogue

These affiliates were promised and agreed to contracts being paid for the life of each players losses. The average percentage in revenue is around 25%. However Bewinners are changing this to 5% after 3 years. Worse, any player a Bewinners affiliate sends to Bwin who does not deposit within 30 days, will be untagged to the gaming affiliate who sent to the player to the Bwin gaming venue.

Bwin Rogue Affiliate Program & Bewinners is now being blacklisted on a growing number of gaming affiliate sites.