Microgaming Slots Not Paying Out

It’s likely every casino player at some point will experience a run of bad sessions when playing Microgaming slots. I’ll never argue the point, games like Break da Bank Again, Isis and others are high variance slots can be streaky. However having just finished yet another woeful session playing at a Microgaming casino, I’m starting to think my misfortune is more than just an extended streak of bad luck.

This month alone I’ve deposited over $5,000US.
Last month $7,000US
The month before $9,000US.
This losing streak has lasted for 5 or 6 months now. Not one cash out!

Having played Micrograming slots and at online casinos powered by Microgaming since 1997, I’ve literally done millions upon millions of spins. Reflecting back on my game play, I can say with no hesitation there is something drastically wrong with the game fairness associated with Microgaming slots.

I don’t expect to win every time but I do expect a little game play. Dropping a total of $397US tonight + a $50 bonus, yielded me jack. My first $150 on Break da Bank Again got the free spins once but no one win @ $1.80 and a total of 27 free spins. After that it bleed me dry. Ended up dropping a further $297US and that went much the same say on Break da Bank Again.

This is the exact type of lousy game play I have been getting from this Microgaming online casino on Break da Bank Again for the past 5 or 6 months.

Could it be that this Microgaming online casino slots are rigged? Have they changed the RTP (return to player) percentages on all their slot machines. From where I’m standing I’m seriously starting to think this is possible. Microgaming claim the RTP on all their slot machines are set in stone and can not be changed. However that what Real Time Gaming said, it’s also what a lot of other casino software providers have stated, well until either by accident or it’s leaked that they can indeed change the Return to Player percentages on their slots.

As an online casino player I have to look at the facts.

  • Microgaming monthly slot audits and casino games are audited by eCOGRA.
  • eCOGRA is basically owned my Micorgaming.
  • The Microgaming slot machine audits combine all of the slots and do not give the RTP for each slot.
  • Microgaming receive royalties on the amount of money dropped into each casino.

Given the last statement, and the fact that Microgaming casinos have lost a heap of players due to the UIGEA. Not withstanding the fact France has also pulled out of the market, I find it hard to believe that Microgaming would be happy losing billions of dollars in royalties.

As far as I’m concerned either the online casino I’ve been playing at has some major issues with their slot machines and their RNG’s that run these slots. Or Microgaming casino software can be manipulated and we’ve all been conned.