Are Rival Casino Games Audited

It’s an expected given, gaming software of online casinos and the RNG’s which power slot machines and casino games are audited. However taking a look at the gaming software provider Rival Powered, I can’t find reference to the 3’rd party auditing company used to audit their RNG’s or casino games.

Further more, online casinos powered by Rival, apart from where they are licensed, again there is no mention of which e-Gaming company audits the fairness of their games. Without this information stated on site, can I assume Rival Powered and all casino games operated on all Rival Powered Casinos are not audited? It would seem so!

Back in 2010/2011 Rival came under fire about the Blackjack game at Tradition Casino paying 1:1 odds for Blackjack, when in fact it’s supposed to pay 3:2 odds for getting Blackjack. Well Rival didn’t have much to say about that then. Now another faulty (err un-fair) Rival casino game has been outed. This time it’s a Rival Baccarat Error discoved by ThePogg.

I’m a slots player and not entirely au fait with casino table games, least of all Baccarat. The previous link explains the issue far better than I could. However briefly, the game advertises a 9:1 payout. So if your betting $10 per game, it should return your $10 bet plus another $90. Instead the Rival Baccarat Game is only paying out $80. In which case the odds are 8:1 not 9:1 as advertised.

At this point I have to ask myself and hopefully players do to, what other Rival casino games are stating wrong payouts?

This also brings me back to my original questions. Which 3’rd party auditing company is Rival Powered Software using to pre-audit their RNG’s and also their casino games before being released. Which audit company is certifing these casino games as being fair? Not to mention, which 3’rd party auditing firm is checking these games on a monthly basis at online casinos powered by Rival Software?

NB -If these casino games had been audited before being released, this Baccarat game would be paying out the correct odds. Then again, in the case of the Tradition Blackjack fiasco, it turns out online casino operators can change the odds on their Rival casino games.