High Roller Negative Carryover Policy

Gambling is a game based on winning and losing. Yet casino affiliate programs want the cake and to eat it too. Hence the introduction of High Roller negative carry-over polices. These stop future earnings of affiliate partners until the debt is wiped. Why should an affiliate be penalised with NCO (negative carry-over) when a player wins. Simple answer, they shouldn’t.

How Does High Roller Carryover Work?

These affiliate program NCO policies are not just for high rollers. They corral earnings of any affiliate, where a player wins more that a prescribed amount in any given month. As an example, Player-A for the month of August 2014 wins $10,000. Player-A is corralled into a high roller negative carry-over, until such time, when the $10,000 is reduced to $0 (zero). Until Player-A fulfils this requirement, any future commission earned by the referring affiliate on Player-A, is voided by the high roller negative carryover policy.

What About Life of Player Net Gaming Revenue?

Negative carryover on affiliate earnings, is, in the opinion of DOCH a scam. At the very least, the total casino net gaming revenue (player losses), should be calculated against the triggered high roller negative carry-over amount. EG – If Player-A has a life time loss of $30,000. Subtract August 2014 win of $10,000. That leaves a $20,000 life time net gaming profit for the casino. Yet fairness doesn’t come into it. Reiterating seems casino affiliate programs want the cake and to eat it too!

Buffalo Partners High Roller Negative Carry-over

As a real life point of reference, Referback merged with Wagershare in August 2014, to form Buffalo Partners affiliate program. It should also be pointed out, casino affiliates blacklisted Wagershare for numerous dodgy actions.

Previous to this merger, I promoted Referback casinos (aka Jackpot City, Gaming Club, River Belle) since 2001. On December 17’th 2012, I referred a whale to Jackpotcity Casino. From that point onward, this player had never been corralled into a high roller negative carry-over policy. However within a matter of days Buffalo Partners have shackled my whale, into their NCO high roller corralling.
Buffalo Partners high roller negative carryover policy

Initial High Rolled Amount

The negative starting amount for that high rolled player. This is the negative balance that must be offset by the positive net win that the high-rolled player generates in subsequent months.

Outstanding High Rolled Amount

The amount left after the positive net win generated by the high rolled player is deduced. This is the negative balance carried forward that must be offset before the affiliate can begin earning commission from the player again. This figure is open to currency fluctuations.

Within a few days of Buffalo Partners opening, my tagged whale at Jackpotcity mobile casino, is corralled in their high roller negative carryover policy. He is currently sitting at -$63,951.13. The net gaming revenue at JackpotCity has not been taken into consideration. Instead, Buffalo Partners Affiliate Program has retroactively forced their high roller NCO policy onto my tagged player.

With 7 days left in August 2014, this figure could easily increase. Though at -$63,951.13, I’ll have more chance of seeing ‘pigs fly backwards’, than ever reducing this high roller negative carryover to zero $0.

Buffalo Partners Casino Affiliate Program

  • Buffalo Partners 1 player gained.
  • Casino Affiliate 1 player lost.

Referback would never stoop to such an unethical practice. But Wagershare most certainly would. Casino affiliates blacklisted Wagershare because they were stealing commissions and falsely locking accounts – actions of a dodgy casino affiliate program.