DeckMedia Affiliate Program Hacker Accounts

Casino affiliates should now be aware of the WordPress Hacker’s criminal exploits. It’s not just a few thousand WordPress sites – the entire internet has been hacked! WordPress casino doorway pages are everywhere. When these hackings started the majority of casino affiliate programs were not savvy to this problem. However in the last 12 months, any program who is still displaying signs of being naive or giving excuses, are, in my opinion, protecting their money interests and are enabling this hacker to continue.

As an example, Deckmedia has allowed the WordPress hacker to open a total of three (3) seperate affiliate accounts, on three (3) seperate occasions. However it seems Deckmedia only closes these accounts when it’s brought to their attention on public casino affiliate forums.

All of these reports to DeckMedia were given by affiliate members of AGD (Affiliate Guarddog). The lastest report posted a few days ago, has unearthed what is in my opinion, a sheer lack of accountability and due diligence by the Deckmedia casino affiliate program. Unlike other gaming affiliate programs who veto protential partners, Deckmedia allows anyone; which may include spammers; hackers; maybe even terrorists, to open an affiliate account and start promoting their casino brands.

When I started asking some curly questions about this lack of due dilligence at the AGD forum, I received semantics from Sloto – the Deckmedia representative. These excuses were all finacially driven.
deckmedia affiliate program & the wordpress casino hacker
Seems my public chastisement was due to this candid post:
Deckmedia Allows Multiple Hacker Accounts

Granted we’re all in business but when a casino affiliate program, namely DeckMedia, uses money driven excuses to justify why they have allowed this WordPress hacker to obtain multiple accounts, then something seems amiss with Deckmedia’s ethical compass.

This isn’t some person sitting in their parents basement sending out spam. It’s a highly organised criminal hacking network. It would seem from the replies I received from the Deckmedia casino affiliate program, it has no qualms about not running due diligence checks for potential affiliate partners.

It’s ironic because DeckMedia Casinos veto players. These online casinos are:

  • Miami Club
  • Slots Capital
  • Sloto Cash
  • Uptown Aces Casino
  • Spartan Slots
  • Black Diamond Casino
  • Box 24 Casino
  • Desert Nights Casino

Before receiving their 1’st payment of winnings, players at these Deckmedia Casinos must submit proof of ID docs, inlcuding a valid drivers license (or passport), a bank or utility statement (no more than 3 months old), which displays their full name and address. Further to the DeckMedia casino ID checks, players who use a Credit Card must also provide a copy of the front and back of each credit card used.

Yet when it comes to affiliates, Deckmedia doesn’t seem to care who they do business with. It seems as long as Deckmedia makes money from this partnership, anyone, including the casino wordpress hacker, is allowed to open multiple affiliate accounts.

Now the arguement some may put forward is, the relationship between Deckmedia and its affiliate partners is B2B (business to business). No business asks another to prove their legitimacy. Well sorry to burst the balloon but Neteller, Skrill and other web-wallets enforce strict Due Diligence Policies on any Business applying for a Merchant account. What’s the difference? There isn’t any.

The only problem seems if the Deckmedia casino affiliate program was to follow other programs and veto potential affiliate partners, it would impact their income or so “Sloto” the Deckmedia AGD representative claimed. In my opinion that’s just clutching at straws to justify their lack of integrity, in allowing this WordPress hacker and potentially other criminals to join and freely promote Deckmedia online casinos.