Microgaming Casino Accepting Bets From Banned Country

A few months back at CAP (Casino Affiliate Program) an affiliate who promoted Platinum Play casino to his French player base, made a public forum post accusing Fortune Affiliates and essentially Fortune Lounge Group, of accepting bets from France, even though approx two (2) years previously Microgaming had announced, it would no longer accept real bets from players located in France.


This online gaming affiliate posted damning evidence which included screen captures and live chat transcripts, all of which pointed to Platinum Play Casino accepting wagers from French players. In late February 2013, I contacted my Affiliate Manager at Fortune Affiliates and advised him of this thread at CAP.

It’s now the 23’rd of June 2013 and although Fortune Affiliates posted on the 25’th of February 2013, their statement really didn’t address the issues raised. It especially did not comment on how these French players were allowed to continue to place real wagers at Platinum Play Casino.

Claims that a Microgaming casino operator has continued to accepts bets from a banned country, opens Pandora’s box. Because, if a Microgaming casino operator can override banned countries, what other casino software settings can be overridden…errr tweaked?

The concerns voiced by the affiliate in the centre of this dispute, claims he was not paid commission from Fortune Affiliates on these bets from his French players, which brings forth yet another issue. This casts doubt on the credibility of the affiliate programs tracking and accounting back-end. The functionality which calculates commission payments.

Late last year a well known and respected affiliate program manager Lloyd Apter, accused Brightshare; another affiliate program using Microgaming casinos, of manipulating referred player data, dropping tags and operating two (2) player databases. http://www.gpwa.org/forum/message-lloyd-208710.html#post708345. In layman’s terms, cooking the books on affiliate accounts.

These accusations; if proved true, have far reaching consequences for not only online casino affiliates but also Microgaming and eCOGRA. eCOGRA has awarded this casino the Play it Safe Seal, in addition to awarding Fortune Affiliates the Affiliate Trust Seal.