eCOGRA Duty of Care Affiliate Trust Seals

Are the eCogra affiliate trust seals worthless? A valid question. One which the CEO of eCOGRA Mr Andrew Beveridge, refuses to be accountable for. These accredited casino programs seem to have carte blanche to do what they like to their affiliate partners. I’m aware of multiple complaints submitted by gambling affiliates about sealed casinos accredited by eCOGRA and which are treating their partners extremely poorly. Questions regarding shaved stats, bogus monthly commissions (errr cooked books) and worse, tagged players being cross promoted to without affiliate tags, are being sent to eCOGRA but nothing is being done.

eCOGRA Affiliate Trust Seals Void Accountability

Mr Beveridge has now taken the stand of refusing to help online gambling affiliates, who have in the past, spoken out against eCOGRA and their lack of action against sealed casinos and accredited affiliate programs. The eCOGRA CEO will only help these gaming affiliates if they first apologize for speaking out against eCOGRA on public forums.

When a self proclaiming, online gaming accreditation body, stoops to such levels of professionalism, it all points to the eCOGRA affiliate trust seals being a whitewash and  Beveridge is nothing more than a human answering machine for Micrograming.