Gambling Affiliate Programs Shaving Stats

It takes little to realize gambling affiliate programs can easily shave stats and cook the books of their partners and get-away with it! Before entering the online gaming industry, I thought I’d meet people who could spin a line. But they hold nothing on some affiliate managers I’ve met, as an online casino affiliate. Think sales people who sell used cars and you’d be getting warmer. Do job descriptions of affiliate managers, also include, lying to their affiliates? It seems that way.

Gambling Affiliate Programs Cooking The Books

There’s a saying, you should never trust anyone 100% if they’re making money from you. This is especially poignant if your an online gambling affiliate. The irony of our work, means we have to place 100% trust in the affiliate programs we partner. There lays the issue. Albeit marketing programs provide player stats and ongoing monthly commission break-downs but are these truly what we are earning or are some gambling programs cooking the commission books?

Trustworthy Gambling Affiliate Programs

Over the years as a casino affiliate, I’ve certainly had my suspicions. In some cases I’ve had more than just a gut feeling. While in others I’ve held cold, hard, factual proof casino affiliate programs¬† steal,¬† players and commissions. Although affiliates may not be privy to all the player stats held by affiliate programs,¬† we have site stats and a fair idea what type of gambling traffic produces specific conversions. We also have the power of public forums. Plus, we can also run tests with other gambling affiliates by signing up through each others affiliate links and see if the gambling affiliate programs we partner are above board.