Gambling Affiliates Risk Losing Commissions

One of the greatest risks for gambling affiliates is having their players and commissions shaved, by affiliate programs they partner with.  Some may say, it’s part and parcel of doing business in the online gaming industry. Albeit there are dodgy gambling affiliate program who will use any method to rob affiliates of both referred players and rightful commissions.

Gambling Affiliates & Casino Affiliate Programs

Using a trusted affiliate gambling forum is by far, one of the best resources to keep yourself informed and up to speed, on gambling affiliate programs who are ethical and which should be avoided. Speaking of, the latest trend among some casino affiliate programs to retroactively change contractual agreements of their partners. The worst part about these changes, affiliate programs are using clauses to void past promises of paying their affiliate partners commissions for the life of referred players.

In some instances, gambling affiliates are having their account closed just because they’re having a few bad months.  Other casino affiliate programs are using clauses to effectively steal referred players to. Brighshare introduced a 90 day referred player clause. Meaning,  gambling affiliates who send a player to one of the Jackpot Factory Group casinos, and that player does not deposit within 90 days, the Brighshare Affiliate Program as of May 1’st 2013,  will drop tagged player from the affiliate accounts, using these absurdly unfair terms.

Lies Casino Affiliate Programs Tell Gambling Affiliates

Every casino affiliate program who has introduced these rogue contractual terms, have justified these crooked actions with a load of hyperbole. Maybe these excuses work on newbies but seasoned gambling affiliates don’t believe their lies. Fact is, it costs nothing to keep affiliates on a database. If the affiliate has past players who are producing revenue the casino makes money and so to does the affiliate. If a refer player doesn’t deposit, so what. It against costs nothing to keep players on a database.

NB – If a casino affiliate program drops a tagged player, will they also cancel this players account? I doubt it! The affiliate program will simply transfer ownership of the player to the casino.  The only thing to change here, is now the casino affiliate program does not have to pay monthly commissions on this stolen player.