Affactive Casino Affiliate Program Warning

The tell-tale signs a casino affiliate program has problems, is with non-payment of commission excuses. Over the last few months, Affactive has been using the same excuses on numerous affiliate partners, claiming they’re sending incentivized traffic or players are making chargebacks. When affiliate program partners are shafted, they speak-out on casino affiliate forums. The complaints about Affactive are rising and in every new thread and forum post, affiliates are blown off, with the same lame excuses.

Excuses Given to Affactive Affiliate Partners

  • Incentivized traffic.
  • Players opening accounts, depositing, then doing a chargeback.

Affiliates who are given these bogus excuses for non-payment of commission, are initially being told their affiliate account is being reviewed for dubious purchases etc. etc. Every Affactive complaint I’ve read, it’s the same excuses and delays. Again, the complaints I’ve read, all claim, Affactive is taking two or more months to delay payment of commissions. Then the final blow comes when their affiliate manager informs the affiliate they will not be paid commission. Using the bogus excuse of incentivized traffic, chargebacks or in some case both of these blantant Affactive casino program excuses.

Affactive Affiliate Program Warning

Affactive have strongly deny they are scamming their affiliate partners. However it’s clear this is exactly what is taking place. Here is a good example of Affactive Affiliate Excuses to their affiliate partners, for non payment of rightful commissions. Affactive affiliate program is telling their partners indentical excuses, to not pay commissions. DOCH (Dogy Online Casino History) views this as down-right-dodgy. Clearly the Affactive casino affiliate program, is scamming its partners and should be avoided.