Ladbrokes Shafts Loyal Casino Affiliate

Meaning of Loyalty
A loyal feeling : a feeling of strong support for someone or something

In the case of this Ladbrokes casino affiliates, their loyalty to Ladbrokes spans eight (8) years. Even when Ladbrokes was rogued by most affiliate forums, for breaking their life time promises to USA affiliates and subsequently closing their accounts, this UK affiliate stuck with them. Albeit some may say, well play with fire and you’ll eventually get burnt. However the point to all this isn’t about commisssions, it’s about loyalty and committment. It places the entire gambit of Landbrokes philosophy under the microscope.

Clearly Ladbrokes doesn’t respect a persons loyalty to their online gaming properties. If they did, the Ladbrokes Affiliate Program, wouldn’t have sent and email to their loyal casino affiliate and threatened to reducing their commissions with NCO (negative carry overs) and player quota’s. But this is exactly what Ladbrokes Affiliate Program has done.

I don’t know where this mindset comes from Ladbrokes, to think, it’s acceptable to treat their players and affiliate partners poorly. From my own personal experience, as a player at Ladbrokes Casino. I have never, in my 17 years of wagering at casinos online, ever encountered such arrogance as I received from their customer support. In one instance, where I’d dropped $7K in one session, I phoned and asked for a comp. Only to receive this reply: – “do we ask you for a comp when you win?”

Given I’d not withdrawn anything from Ladbrokes casino, the fact I’d dropped a nice chunk of change, this remark, aligns itself to the same opinion, held towards Ladbroke casino affiliates, and their loyal players alike.

My suggestion to all Ladbroke affiliates and players, kick Ladbrokes to the curb. They’ll kick you, without a second thought!