Fake Certified Affiliate Casino Programs

Casino affiliates who want to promote ethical online gaming properties, will usually pick a certified affiliate program. But are these sealed certifications trustworthy or are they worthless? Through my 14 years as a casino affiliates, sadly it would seem, the later applies. All fine and dandy to say an affiliate progam has had its tracking checked. But if that’s not re-checked in an ongoing basis, then it’s completely worthless. The same applies to how a casino affiliate program treats its partners.

If the program can’t abide by its own T&C’s, yet demands and enforces its partners to comply to them, how can anyone sanction such behaviour and worse, give an affiliate program a certification seal. Which really means they are trustworthy!

No certified casino affiate program should lie to its partners. Yet this type of treatment, is a common action, found at some sealed and certified affiliate programs. Casino affiliates for instance, shouldn’t have the chase commission payments for a certified program. They should honour their T&C payment dates. Sadly this isn’t the case either. Many affiliates are left high and dry most months, twiddling their thumbs, waiting on commissions due to be paid, many days previously.

So who hands out these certifications to the casino affiliate programs?

Ironically it’s affiliate associations or support forums, who, most claim to hold, affiliates best interest at heart. Frankly, all I can see are forums and casino industry associations, cashing in on and selling their affiliate members out, to line their own greedy pockets.

If these places were genuniely concerned for their casino affiliate members, they make sure these certified affiliate programs towed the line. Yet instead, they look the other way when things go pear shaped or make excuses for these shit-hole programs.

These fake certified affiliate casino program seals, don’t just affect affiliates. They cost gambling players dearly too!