iGame Casino Scams Affiliates and Players

A Refer a Friend Promotion has commenced at iGame Casino. Mr Shaun O’Neill, the Head of affiliate marketing at iGameaffiliates.com, has turned a clear disadvantage for both iGame Affiliates and Players, into a sweet smelling rose! Though like cow manure is used to firtilise plants, iGamingaffiliates.com have used Bullshit and Spin to make this promotion appear ethical.

To present a fair and honest picture of this affiliate scam, neither a referred affiliate player or the friends of this player, are tagged before visiting the iGame Casino..

This “refer a friend” promotion being run by iGame and heavily marketed to iGameaffiliates.com, is a shocking plan to hoodwink, unsuspecting affiliates, to not only market this to their site visitors, but to also encourage these potential players, to refer their friends to iGame Casino.

Where this takes an alrming and devious turn, is while the referring affiliate of a player, who uses this refer a friend promotion, is tagged to the affiliate, none of the friends of this player are tagged to this affiliate. Instead, they are all tagged to iGame Casino.

This unethical scam, is also played out, on players who enter this refer a friend promotion. Firstly they receive a €50 comp (not cash) with 20x wagering (with restricted game play) for every friend who joins iGame. This reward is voided if the friend deposits less than €25. Yet the iGame Casino gets the player signed up and tagged to iGame and not the affiliate either.

I’ve raised my concerns about this unethical iGame refer a friend promotion, over at the Affiliate Guard Forum. Yet it seems, when I hit the mark, proving this is a scam by both iGamingaffiliates.com and iGame Casino, to fleece affiliates and players alike, I get jumped on for being offensive by the AGD Amin. For a casino industry forum claiming to be “Protecting Affiliates Interests“, Affiliate Guard Dog has funny way of showing this virtue, by trying to close me and the iGame thread down.

What iGame Casino and iGamingaffiliates.com are trying to pull off here, is nothing short of a scam against affiliates and players.