LRAffiliates Spamming Webmasters

Like most people spam clogs up my inbox and wastes my time. Hence anyone who spams me is kicked to the curb. As a casino affiliate, if I’m interested in promoting xyz casino, then I’ll visit the affiliate program, check out their deal and if interested sign-up. What I don’t expect or appreciate is being contacted, especially when I have not supplied my email address.Ā  Today I received an email from, flogging LottoRaceĀ®. This spam commenced with, Dear Webmaster… have somehow obtained my email address, without my permission. Obviously didn’t get it from a whois query, otherwise they’d be aware of my name. What makes this LRAffiliates Spam worse, is under their own Terms & Conditions they have a clause specifically stating that any affiliate spamming will have their affiliate account terminated. LRAffiliates claim they hold a zero tolerance to spam.
5.7 We will terminate this agreement immediately if there is any form of spamming or if You advertise Our products and brands in any other way that contravenes Our terms and conditions as stated herein. As a result of Our zero tolerance on spam and all forms of spamming, if Your account is terminated, any commissions accrued and/or payable will be forfeited.