ComeOn Rogued For Poor Taste Image

I had to laugh when I spotted this thread over at Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD),

Seems Mr GuardDog took offense to a bad taste image featured on the home page of the ComeOn affiliate program associating Hitler, Stalin and Mao to affiliates making money within the online gaming industry. Not the wisest choice of images to display but to rogue a program just on a bad taste image, you’ve got to be joking!

Pity the same ethical standards are not leveled on such programs as Rewards Affiliates, who incidentally should be thrown in the naughty corner for stealing both players and commissions from their affiliate partners. Yet apart from a little warning logo about cross-marketing, Rewards Affiliates are still listed with a promotional banner to their affiliate program on Affiliate Guard Dog.

I could include other examples where clearly Affiliate Guard Dog holds double standards.  However to rogue ComeOn just for a bad taste image, is more than enough evidence to show clear bias. If AGD is so concerned about the welfare of affiliates, kick the other dodgy programs listed on the site. This would be a much better idea in my opinion, than take a silly stance like this. I’m still laughing because this is so ridiculous and absurd.