Blacklisting Tropica Casino Using FU Clauses

Gambling is a risk in-itself. However no legitimate online casino player, should have to gamble on being paid their winnings. Sadly though, at Tropica Casino, a Rival powered White Label, that’s exactly what awaits unsuspecting gamblers. On the 18/19’th of March 2015, I claimed a 300% bonus. I deposited $30AUD and was given a $90AUD bonus. In total, $120AUD. The wagering was 30x (deposit+bonus). Which was $120 x 30 = $3,600 wagering play-thru.

Before I accepted the bonus, I studied the bonus rules. These are listed in point form, on the 300% promotional bonus claim page, within the Tropica Casino cashier area. When I commenced play, I started betting $0.75 cents a spin on Hole in Won, a 5 reel, 15 payline Rival i-Slot (interactive slot). Lady Luck was shinning and I raised my bets to $7.50AUD a spin. Having won a tad over $1,700AUD.

However due to the maximum cash-out rule for the 300% bonus, I could only withdrawal 5x the bonus given. In this case that was $450AUD. Over and above this, the bonus was also sticky. Which meant it would be deducted from my cash-in. So with the remaining balance, which I could not receive in winnings, because of the maximum 5x bonus rule, I played this down to $720AUD. By this stage I was tired and decided I’d had enough fun for the night and actioned a withdrawal.

Received the following email from Tropica Casino Support:

Not long after, I then received this:

And then I received this bizarre notification:

To recap, wagering requirements (30x) for the 300% Tropica Casino bonus, was met. Received confirmation the $480 withrawal was being processed. Another email saying $30 was being processed. Then, another email from Tropica Casino Support, saying my $480 withdrawal was reversed and returned to my player account.

Turns out Tropica Casino confiscated my winnings, because they claim, I “breached” the wagering rules, on this 300% bonus.

However not ALL the bonus rules are listed on the promotional bonus claim page. Instead, a vague direction about “general terms and conditions” have been substitued for “Promotional Terms”. These specifically govern the wagering of the Tropica Casino 300% bonus. These omitted “Promotional Terms” clauses (err FU Clauses), are as follows:

  • 5.9 Promotions where a Percentage Match Bonus up to 1000% is granted, the Max bet is 10% of the Deposit Amount and 20% on Blackjack (including Doubling Down, Splitting).
  • 5.10 If you choose an offer of 100% or more, then you cannot wager on 1 game only. Your wagering needs to be spread across a minimum of 10 different games. Please note that the reason for this is to prevent churning away wagering requirements on 1 game on auto-play.

Tropica Casino 300% promotional bonus claim page and wagering rules:

I’m not the only player to run foul of these Tropica (Rival Powered White Label) casino’s FU Clauses. The website AskGamblers mediation service. A member posted, how she was was Threatned by Tropica Casino.

Dieter the casino manager of Tropica, has flatly refused to pay my winnings. Even though, Tropica Casino has admitted clauses 5.9 and 5.10 should be displayed on the 300% promotional bonus claim page. Their excuse:

We have asked Rival for some time to allow us the extra fields to add our own terms, however it has not been forthcoming.

Tropica Casino admit there is a problem, because they are unable to “add their own terms”, to the 300% bonus. Yet they refuse to be accountable. Citing the blame back to Rival. This type of arrogance and frankly bad-attitude, is exactly why I blacklisted ALL Rival White Labels back in 2010.

However Tropica Casino fell through the cracks, why? Well… Deiter, the manager of this South African casino clip-joint, holds the truth very loosely. And, clearly stated by the AskGamblers member, Tropica Casino has no scruples. Even if that means, stooping so low as to threatening a player. I ask you then, is Tropica Casino (powered by Rival software), an online gaming venue to be trusted?

DOCH issues this CASINO WARNING. Avoid the Blacklisted Tropica Casino. Rats carrying the BUBONIC PLAGUE have higher ethics, morals and integrity, that this Rival White Label clip-joint.