ITS Management

I always question the motives of anyone who feels the need to hide or camouflage the truth. If people can’t be honest about their activities, it’s a clear warning sign that maybe they can’t be trusted. In my opinion, this goes for any business too; especially those operating in the online gaming industry. If a company can not be honest with what their primary business purpose is, and why they feel the need to actively hide their true commercial activities, this should throw up a big red flag.

One online business, ITS Management based in Sydney Australia, seems to hold truths very loosely.

Our mission statement
ITS Management executes online media and Internet marketing initiatives that deliver measurable business results. With a professional approach to creative solutions, our work matches interface design with functional operation, optimizing our techniques to deliver the most innovative product to our target audience. We utilize the latest technologies and strategies to ensure we are at the cutting edge of business development, with a team of highly skilled individuals building, managing and improving our range of digital products.

The ITS Management web-site does not state it owns and operates 35 online casinos from its offices in Sydney Australia. This lack of being truthful seems to also extend to its employees.

Yaniv Klein is an affiliate manager / coordinator with Rewards Affiliates; the affiliate program who enlist webmasters to promote online gaming properties owned by Casino Rewards. Both commercial entities CR & RA are owned by ITS Management.

Mr Jamie Taylor is the CEO/Owner of ITS Management & well known in the online casino industry.

Running a business name search from the NSW Office of Fair Trading returns these results:
ITS Management NSW Business Search
Registration details
For business name BN97767149 – ITS MANAGEMENT

(i) Business name: ITS MANAGEMENT
(ii) Registration number: BN97767149
(iii) Registration details:

Date registered: 16/10/2000
Registration status: REGISTERED
Renewal due date: 16/10/2012
ABN: 27-094-089-951

(v) Trading history under business name:
Trading status: TRADING from 01/09/2000

One thing that really bugs me, why the above business only has a sole trading registration. I suppose that’s a moot point when factoring in that this Australian business does not openly declare it owns and operates 35 online casinos.