Affactive Casino Scammers Running Affalliance?

The new casino affiliate program Affalliance, has bought Silver Sponsorship at the GPWA. Turns out some of the former management from the discraced Affactive Affiliate Program (owners serving jail time for pump and dump securities fraud), are now employed at Affalliance.

Didn’t take long to join the dots of connection, when, “player class” was mentioned. This term was devised by Affactive casinos, and was used to pay players pathically low installments of winnings. EG – $500 per month. The online casinos connected to Affactive were:

  • Slots of Fortune
  • Slots Jungle
  • Jackpot Grand
  • WinPalace Casino
  • Casino Titan
  • Begado Casino
  • Golden Cherry

Using an internet archiving service, I read the Slots Jungle Terms and Conditions.

Slots Jungle Casino Withdrawals
This is determined according to player class. Withdrawals will be processed after 4 business days. You will be notified by email when we send out your winnings. Installments do not renew automatically and need to be requested from the player’s end. Following an installment payment, monies requested above the installment amount will be returned to the player’s casino account.

In addition to the “player class” term, T&C’s used at Affactive casinos, and those now used at Affalliance casinos are disturbingly similar, if not almost identical, in regard to withdrawals etc.

Affalliance – Golden Lion Casino

On their banking page they state… $150 minimum withdrawal, with a $2,000 maximum withdrawal limit. Noting time frames added – Payments processed within up to 7 business days, (Monday through Friday). But, fail to mention the magic word “player class“. Reading those limits, I think the minimum withdrawal request is $150 per week, with a maximum of $2,000 per week.

Like all casino-clip-joints, players get shafted and, they complain to casino forums. The $2,000 maximum withdrawal limit was not applied to these players. Instead, they all received a pathetic $150 per month, with the remainder of their withdrawal returned to their player accounts.

Reason given for these pathetic withdrawals, “player class“, and varied T&C (FU) clauses. “Monies requested above installment amount will be returned to the player’s casino account.

Almost identical installment procudure used in the above Slots Jungle Withdrawal Rules.

Affalliance Online Casinos

  • Golden Lion Casino
  • BoVegas Casino
  • Eclipse Casino

Casino Affiliate Program used to promote these clip-joints, Affalliance.

Affactive were part of the WordPress Hacking Scandal. The owners committed criminal fraud and, are now serving jail sentences. Does Affalliance hold ties to the crooks of Affactive Casino Affiliate Program? Looking at all the facts and, with previous employed management from Affactive, now work at Affalliance, are there any doubts left???!!!

If your a player, take heed and do not play at any of the above online casinos. If your an affiliate, do not promote these casinos to your players. As the story goes… If a casino will treat their paying customers this badly, then they’ll abuse their affiliates too.