Not Recommended But Still Promoted

Not many casino affiliates veto player T&C’s before signing up to an affiliate program, much less before adding a internet casino to their portal. This behaviour is found on affiliate watchdog sites too. Sure, you might find a not recommended badge, but ironically the aff-link is still active. An affiliate who has no qualms about promoting dodgy casinos, will likely signup via that link.

With respect to affiliate watchdog sites, if they don’t want to yank the page due to SEO issues, then remove the damn link button. Having a Not Recommended Button, yet still proving a link to a dodgy affiliate program, is, well, not very ethical IMHO.

As gambling affiliates, we’re well versed in the tricks (errr scams) unethical programs and casinos pull. How many times has a dodgy affiliate program and, its casinos stolen players winnings, affiliate commissions, closed shop, then re-open a few months later as a new Brand? I’ve lost count!