Do Casino Affiliate Forums Value Members

Operating a casino affiliate forum these days, is not easy. However with that aside, where do members of these forums stand value wise. After all, without affiliate members posting new threads & or participating in these board discussions, casino affiliate forums would be ghost towns.

It’s a question I’ve often asked myself. Especially when I see site owners not placing their forum members interests first and foremost.

Instead, a high majority of these casino affiliate forums, place making money above the best interests of their members. Sadly, forum members only-value is seen as minions & cannon fodder, a means to secure paid sponsorship’s. Bums in chairs, to make more money for the forum owner.

This mindset is easily spotted though.

If you spend time on a casino affiliate forum, you might like to ask yourself a few simple questions, such as these. You’ll soon know if your a valued member or if your being used!

  • Is the owner/Mods quick to respond to member posts about commissions not paid?
  • Are there double standards, bias and favouritism on the forum?
  • Does the owner/Mods defend paid sponser’s, even when their in the wrong?
  • Is there an obvious ‘do as I say not as I do’ mindset from the forum owner?
  • Owner/Mods really upset when not paid but make excuses when members aren’t?
  • If a member questions the ethics of certified or paid sponsor, do they get flamed?
  • Does the forum have lots of fresh content to help their casino affiliate members?
  • Or does it seem the forum owner’s objective is adding more paid sponsor’s?
  • If the forum vetoes affiliate T&C’s are these updated or are they outdated?
  • Does the forum owner hold-to-count sponsor’s, misbehaving toward members?
  • Is the forum owner/Mods bias towards affiliate programs they promote?

If you have answered yes to all or even a few of these questions, then it’s highly likely your membership at this affiliate forum, is being used to fill the owner’s pocket with cash.

As I said at the start of this blog post… Running a casino affiliate forum is not easy. However, if the best interests of members are not being placed 1’st, you can be pretty sure, your membership at any casino affiliate forum like this, is only based on the value it puts in the owner’s wallet!

Essential your being used as a cash cow, worse your probably seen as a sucker!