32Red Caves and Pays Winner Their 25K

There was a monumental screw-up at 32Red Casino a few weeks back. A new player, on their first deposit, dropped £1,000. He then contacted live chat, requested the high-roller bonus. Instead of the 32Red customer support representative crediting 100% (£1,000 match bonus), they credited 200% (£2,000 bonus). The player hit a massive win and complete the 32Red bonus wagering. He then withdraw £25,000 and that’s when the fun and games started.

Bonus Foul Cried by 32Red

Lets get this straight from the get-go. The customer support rep., screwed up, not the player. 32Red casino admitted to the player, their CSR made an error. Yet, as far as this well-known UK casino was concerned, it was still the players fault and they refused to pay-up!

32Red Admits Error But Blames Player

In an effort to try and have this resolved with the casino, Joseph (the player) contacted 32Red. This is an extract of their reply:

In keeping with our Internal Complaints Procedure, I have been asked to review our decision not to pay you the sum of £24,938 which you attempted to withdraw from 32Red on 5th August.

Our original decision was made as these winnings were derived from an incorrect bonus amount being added to your account, when you made your initial deposit at 32Red on 4th August. Having reviewed the information, and our interaction with you, I make the following comments and observations;

  • The additional amount of £1,000 was credited to your account in error.
  • The maximum bonus that can be claimed for this particular Big Bankroll Bonus is 1,000 Chips as per Point 2 of the relevant Terms and Conditions (which can be seen here)
  • The qualifying deposit and correct bonus amount of 1,000 chips had been exhausted at 17:18 when the gaming balance reduced to £995.
  • The winnings, that you claim, were obtained from funds that you weren’t entitled to and had been added in error and in contravention to the relevant Terms and Conditions.

CasinoMeister Forum Defends 32Red Accredited Casino

The player in question (Joesph), bought his grievance to the CasinoMeister Forum, where 32Red Casino is Accredited. It didn’t take the bias CasinoMeister lynch mob, long, before the OP (original poster) was set upon and effectively called a liar.

For a self proclaimed Casino Watchdog site, who claims to be an “Advocate of Fair Pay since 1998”, I found it more than a little disturbing, to watch as CasinoMeister, Max and the lynch mob, turn speculations into unfounded facts. I don’t know what their smoking over at the CasinoMeister forum, maybe it’s their socks!

  • The CM lynch mob speculated Joseph knew the extra £1,000 bonus was given in error.
  • It’s common casino industry knowledge, not all players read the rules or T&C’s.
  • The 32Red CSR should know what is the maximum bonus. it’s not the player onus.
  • 32Red admitted their CSR made an error. How does this become Joseph’s fault.
  • Whether the player busted out on the £1,000 bonus is an irrelevant moot point.
  • The CSR, by admission of 32Red made an error and credited the wrong bonus amount.
  • For CM & Max to allow their forum lynch mob, to bully this person (or anyone else), is wrong on multiple levels.

32Red Casino Honours Winnings and Pays Player

And so they should have! Their customer support representative screwed up. That’s their fault and responsibility, not Joseph’s. To try and weasel out of paying this 32Red player’s rightful winnings, is disgraceful. Of course the bias CasinoMeister had to add his remarks.

So you are saying that 32Red caved because they were afraid of bad publicity? Bad guess. There was already plenty of support in this forum to give the player 50% or even less. Most casinos would have told the player to take a hike. Try doing this at one of the Playtechs in the Not Recommended section – you wouldn’t have seen a dime.

Instead of just opening back up the thread and saying what CasinoMeister posted about 32Red to settle payment. Then re-locking the thread. CasinoMeister couldn’t help but let his bias mob take pot shots at Joseph again. However when other forum members rallied for Joseph, the self appointed, “Advocate of Fair Play” shows his true colours and feelings, with the above quoted statement.

Seriously, is this guy smoking his socks? Maybe he’s just high on his own EGO fumes, again!