GoWild Goes Nuts Scamming Casino Affiliates

Since the offices of Gowild online casino were raided by police, its been one screw-up after another with GoWild and their casino affiliate program. Before these chain of events, they were considered an uprising star for trust and ethical business operations. Players certainly got paid fast at this Microgaming powered casino. So too did GoWild affiliates.

But all these good points have crumpled into a heap and representatives who were active on both player and affiliate forums have become missing in action.  One of the lastest issues (errr scams) to be used at the GoWild casino affiliate program, is to deny payment of revenue to affiliates. They use some BS to claim a player or players are “risky”; though no evidence is supplied. A hold on rightful revenue earnings prevails. Taken hostage until the affiliate sends more traffic. Or, whatever excuse the ass-clowns at GoWild Casino Affiliate Program come up with on the day.

At Affiliate Guard Dog, a casino affiliate I consider trustworthy, commenced the following:

Go Wild are refusing to pay me:
“Due to the fact that June was your 1st month of activity and you have brought only 2 players, out of which one is considered to be a risky player, our Finance Department has decided to postpone your June’s payment until your traffic improves”

Three pages about GoWild and no comment from one of their affiliate managers. A GoWild affiliate manager contacted me a few months back, claiming he’s tried for the last 12 months to make contact. Well nothings changed this end… Wanting me to work with them. I sent them players previously and made $190 all up, over the course of 9 months. My sites deliever decent players. So given the antics by GoWild casino affiliate program, it’s likely I got scammed by goWild too.

Seriously folks, kick these rogues to the curb. They’re stealing your revenue and most probably your referred players too!