Does Brightshare Run Two Databases

At worst the online casino industry is like wading through a muddy swamp. At best affiliate partners can only hope the programs they partner with, operate with ethics and honesty. However given vast amounts of money can be skimmed from untagging players from affiliates and other crooked scams, there are programs who will run the gauntlet and rob their casino affiliates blind.

One casino affiliate program who has had numerous doubts leveled on its operational honesty,  is Brightshare, who uses the acronym BS. The lastest accusations against Brightshare were brought to the attention of casino affiliates at the GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmasters Association).

Lloyd Apter, a former and highly respected manager who commenced the Brightshare affiliate program, broke his silence by making damning accusations against Brightshare. This dishonesty involved two databases and untagging of players, referred by affiliates.

Reiterating, wasn’t the first time Brightshare affiliate program had honesty issues leveled at them. Not with standing the fact, its parent company Spiral Solutions and their online casinos operated by Jackpot Factory Group, had their “Play it Safe” eCOGRA accreditation seals stripped from them, for claiming people with a disability can benefit from playing at Jackpot Factory.

Doctors Install Jackpot Factory Casinos (linked page on
Patients Play Online Casinos
A number of doctors in Townsend Medical Centre in Boksburg noticed that during unfortunate long waits in their waiting rooms, patients seemed to sit and imagine all sorts of ailments that were not there on their arrival. Many patients seemed to arrive with a headache, listen to other waiting patient’s stories of their illnesses and then imagine that they themselves suffered from the same ailment. They decided to install online casinos in the waiting rooms in the hope that by playing online casinos, the patients would not sit around discussing their illnesses but relax while playing online casinos.

In case link mysterously disapears here’s a screen shot of All Jackpots Casino Page.

Can anyone be blamed for holding the opinion that, Spiral Solutions, Jackpot Factory Group and Brighare affiliate program, are ethically and morally challenged?

Getting back to the “two databases scandal”…
Here is the link to the accusations posted at the GPWA by the former Brightshare affiliate program manager, Llloyd Apater about the untagging (err stealing) of referred players from affiliates:
One of the big advantages of starting an affiliate program is that you understand the technical side as well… and i started get suspicious of possibly of btags changing, hell but aren’t they encrypted by MG?! Well they are but you can have two databases… I asked around and made more enemies… hell i wasn’t sure if this was a reporting issue/mistake or something else but i had worked for 4 years at Ernst & Young in JHB so auditing is what you do when something looks fishy, no?!…But BS was now established and stable enough to remove me without much damage, and they did just that… *..*

Learn about other dodgy antics by Spiral Solutions and Brightshare affiliate program: