GoWild Affiliates Stealing Tagged Affiliate Players

The latest affiliate program busted of dodgy business, is GoWild Casino. Their affiliate program is redirecting referred UK players, to Luck247Casino, and taking full credit, along with pocketing the commissions too. A dedicated Landing Page; hard coded for GoWild by Luck247 Casino.

GoWild Affiliates UK player scam

This scam, begs the question, what other tagged players are GoWild stealing from their affiliates?

GoWild Affiliates UK player redirections scam

As this scam spreads, more and more casino affiliates and saying, GoWild Casino is not converting anymore. And, players that were depositing, have either stopped in droves, or if they still play, they are winning month in, month out. So the GoWild Affiliate program is stealing referred UK players. But are they also but fudging affiliate data, as well? What I’ve read, it would seem likely!

Back in 2013, DOCH posted about another GoWild Affiliate Scam. Back then, their offices had recently been raided by the police. At the time, I believe they were operating out of Romania, which I believe, was a no-no. Hence why they were raided! Ever since then, this casino affiliate program seems to have had its fingers is a lot of questionable pies.

One of those incidents, was the selling of all their UK players to 32Red plc. GoWild did not apply for UK gaming license, hence, it sold that entire player base to 32Red. At the time of that sale, and directly after it, affiliates who were not using GEO-IP ads, were having UK hitting banners and being redirected to 32Red. Even if the said affiliates were partnered to 32Red, they never received credit for these players. GoWild claimed their hands were tied, and 32Red claimed it was GoWild’s responsibilty. Either way, casino affiliates of GoWild were once again bent over and screwed.

Now comes this latest bust. GoWild affiliate program stealing referred UK players, redirecting them to Lucky247Casino. Not only stealing the players if they decided to join Lucky247, but also stealing rightful commissions from their affiliate partners.

DOCH has factual proof of these unethical and dodgy business practices. At this time, DOCH strongly recommend, that casino affiliates who are currently promoting GoWild Casino, cease and desist sending players to this online gaming venue. The stealing of UK players and commissions, is bad enough. But, given they have no scruples robbing their affiliate partners, in our view, the GoWild Affiliate Program can no longer be trusted.