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Anthony the GPWA forum administrator stated on the 13’th of April 2011, “Renee is talking with the powers that be and should have something posted in the next few days”. Well Friday came and went with no statement. Later that day, Anthony makes another post claiming, “I believe there will be a statement Monday”. Close of business here in Australia finished 6 hours ago (Monday 18’thof April 2011). Again no public statement forthcoming from the Rewards Affiliates Program.

The GPWA forum thread of 22 casinos of Casino Rewards cross marketing, commenced on the 8’th of March 2011. Even with factual proof of unethical cross promoting and affiliate tags being dropped,  the first statement took weeks to be posted. That was nothing more than semantics, stonewalling and a farcical white wash by the Rewards Affiliates Coordinator.

Over 40 days and this issue still drags its feet. Well, that’s just not acceptable.

The GPWA has a lot to answer to also.
Allowing this to drag on for well over a month, whilst affiliates are being screwed over on a daily basis. This gambling affiliate association seems to care more about making money and retaining paid sponsors, than the welfare of it affiliate members.

Just so everyone is clear on this, I’m also one of the affiliates who has been promoting the Casino Rewards group of online casinos. Hence I stand to lose from this also. However, I can’t keep sitting on my hands hoping for an amicable outcome when an affiliate program continues to stall on addressing these unethical cross marketing issues of dropping affiliate tags on mailers sent to their players.

As of today, the Rewards Affiliates program is now black listed here at DOCH. The following Casino Rewards online casinos are also being blacklisted. Frankly, if the affiliate program will treat their partners like this, then what’s to say they wont try to screw players also.

Casino Rewards Blacklisted Casinos

  • Captain Cooks
  • Aztec Riches Casino
  • Blackjack Ballroom
  • Casino Action
  • Casino Classic
  • Casino Kingdom
  • Golden Tiger Casino
  • Lucky Emperor Casino
  • Phoenician Casino
  • Strike It Lucky Casino
  • Virtual City Casino
  • Yukon Gold Casino
  • Zodiac Casino
  • UK Casino Club
  • Gold Reef Casino
  • Challenge Casino
  • Music Hall Casino
  • Nostalgia Casino
  • Grand Mondial Casino
  • Quatro Casino
  • Casino Share
  • Players Palace Casino

Under the circumstances and the way both Rewards Affiliates and Casino Rewards have failed to address the issues of unethical cross marketing, by promoting other casinos to players tagged to affiliates, Dodgy Online Casino History advises all gambling affiliates and players to avoid Rewards Affiliates program and Casino Rewards.

3 thoughts on “Rewards Affiliates Blacklisted”

  1. GPWA promotes more than a few Rogue programs and refuse to address those issues – why? Well because they dont want to upset their sponsors – that might hurt their chances of having the money come in. 😉

    The owner has a direct conflict of interest over there and the conflict is taking GPWA down the tubes and quick! The site which boast of nearly 12000 members (a nice advertising quote – total BS by the way) probably has less than 100 active members. Important topics are lucky to get a dozen affiliates discussing the issues. I cant help but assume that they are using that 12k number to lure in unsuspecting programs.

    So YES – GPWA is ROGUE!

  2. I requested that GPWA suspend Rewards Affiliates and was told by the Owner of the GPWA that my request was inappropriate. I guess since I am only a “public” member over there that I am not an equal at the employment table that is the affiliate industry.

    If GPWA does not suspend Rewards Affiliates within the next 3 days – GPWA shall go on my ROGUE list as well! Further, since GPWA is now a business entity and not truly an association – the owner may also need to be considered ROGUE!

    In addition to the Rewards issue, GPWA must take action against ALL rogue operations that are doing harm to “affiliates” !!! ASUSA/Brightshare – one in the same – closed ASUSA and are pushing players to Jackpot Capital without any credit to the affiliates who referred those players – THATS THEFT !!!

    I always though of GPWA as a place where the owners hold the affiliates interest in high regards instead of simply looking to get rich at the direct expense of those making it all possible – the affiliates! Thats clearly not he casino any more and they should be held responsible for the harm they are causing the industry by accepting sponsorships from rogue programs.

  3. Well those 3 days have come and gone … GPWA is ROGUE! Not only do they still have Casino Rewards listed as a sponsor, but they are taking their time posting about Brightshare/ASUSA/Spiral Solutions stealing players as well.

    I guess GPWA believes their only duty is to accept the $760,000 + a year in sponsorship monies and forget about everything else. Sorry, in my eyes it doesnt or at least should not work that way – IMO they have a duty to provide not only a service in return, but a quality one … absent of that they are ROGUE!!

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