Shafts Affiliates Retroactively Changes Affiliate Program Contracts

Most internet gaming venues use affiliates to market their casinos, poker rooms and sports-books to online gamblers. For the affiliates part in promoting such gaming venues, they receive a revenue share deal. Part of this agreement means that an affiliate will receive a commission on the loses for the life of each player who they refer (send) to each casino, sports-book or poker room. It’s a pretty simple and fair business deal.

However has announced it is retroactively changing its affiliate contracts. In layman’s terms this means no matter when an affiliate joined the affiliate program, even though they were contractually guaranteed to receive payment on losses for the life of each player they sent, is changing this agreement. It effectively shafts affiliates who promote the casino, sports-book, poker and any gaming products related to & Merger

I can’t help shake the thought the catalyst of these unethical retroactive contractual changes at, which are to screw over their gaming affiliates, are due to the possible merger between and The corporate headquarters of Bwin, Further to this I’d like to add a excerpt quote directly from the Bwin Corporate Office.

bwin teams they know our values of decency, integrity, and reliability, and take over responsibility for themselves, the company and the customers.

They know our (meaning Bwin) values of decency, integrity and reliability.

I honestly doubt any of the gaming affiliates who promote the Bwin gambling products could keep a straight face knowing that and or seriously believes they are treating their affiliates with Decency, Integrity and Reliability.

Will Shaft Players

I should also mention as Bwin has obviously no qualms in shafting its gaming affiliates, how much respect and integrity do you think or sincerely holds towards their players? They certainly have no scruples in screwing their affiliates, stooping low to steal rightful earns from their affiliate partners.  Who’s to say they wont retroactively change their casino, poker or sports-book terms & conditions or bonus rules and screw over players as well.

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