rival powered casino warnings

Since Rival software entered the online casino industry there have been numerous issues concerning their game fairness. The latest string of problems over the last 6 months have concerned Rival white label casinos and their extremely slow payments of winnings to players.

On the 27’th March 2010 at the online casino watch dog site CasinoMeister.com it’s been revealed by a Rival Casino player that Tradition Casino had changed the Blackjack payout to 1:1 odds, instead of the expected 3:2 odds that Blackjack pays for Blackjack (Ace and a Face card or 10 card).

Following the whistle blowing of this unfair tactic by this Rival online casino, other representatives of Rival powered casinos entered into the forum discussion thread. Unfortunately the facts and proof posted by the original casino player, were over shadowed by the attempted Rival Spin Doctor representatives trying to fix, what can only be described as, a fiasco against the fairness of casino players.

Fortunately past posts and direct quotes provided proof of Rival representatives contradicting previously stated facts, washed throughout the forum. Try as they might, it was fast showing that Rival powered casinos had the ability to & or send request to the Rival the software provider to adjust RTP (return to player) percentages of slot machines, and to alter casino game returns.

Dodgy Online Casino History with our belief that all online casino players have a right to factual information about online casinos that have acted less than honorably & or fair, we have now issued a Rival Powered Casino Warnings list to all online casino players.

Although we have not currently placed Rival Casinos on a rogue list, we are awaiting, and hoping that Rival Powered Casino Software will issue a Press Release addressing this major game fairness and casino game manipulation issue. We’re not holding much faith that this will happen. Rival Casino Software seems to have decided a few years ago to distance themselves from answering or being accountable for any casino & or software issues.

Ironically Rival white label casinos are generally owned, in part by Rival Casino Software, and use generic casino support and generic payment processing also it seems operated by Rival Casino Software.