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Being an online casino affiliate since 2000,  I’ve seen my fair share of player issues concerning rogue casinos to last a life time. It’s no secret that these dodgy clip joints are on numerous numbers of blacklists. However there are still webmasters who promote these sh!t holes.

  • It’s these rogue casino affiliates that allow these places to stay in business.
  • Rogue casino affiliates don’t care if legitimate players get shafted.
  • As long as the dollars are filling their pockets rogue casino affiliates don’t give two hoots who they promote.

As a casino affiliate I have a strong sense of ethics and integrity. I believe that legitimate players have a right to receive information not only about rogue casinos but also the rogue affiliates who promote them.

I’m sick to the back teeth of watching these rogue casinos screwing players over. But I’m even more disgusted with the number of casino affiliates who don’t give a toss. They don’t see any problem with listing the likes of Virtual Casino Group and other scum casinos on their web sites.

As a GPWA (Gambling Portal Webmaster Association) private member I’m extremely vocal on my views regarding GPWA  peers who promote rogue online casinos. However when ever I call to count someone who promotes the likes of Cool Cat Casino, Prism Casino or any of the other clip joints, I’m set upon by their butt kissing, brown nosed buddies.

Maintaining solid affiliate alliances is one thing, but when anyone is prepared to overlook & or turn a blind eye to activities void of ethics and honorable business practices,  it’s a stark message your wasting your breath.

I stand up for players because no one deserves to be shafted by rogue casinos. And if these rogue casino affiliates wont listen to reason and continue to promoting these clip joints, then Dodgy Online Casino History has commenced blacklisting rogue casino affiliates.

If your a casino affiliate and you choose to promote not only Virtual Casino Group, but any other known blacklisted rogue casino that is unsafe for legitimate casino players, rest assure you’ll end up on the Dodgy Online Casino History rogue casino affiliate blacklist.

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  1. Hi gamblersgowild,

    Glad you hold the same views about rogue online casinos and the affiliates that promote them as we do. Ever affiliate can make a decent livelihood from promoting reputable casinos, without stooping to screwing players over by listing clip joints.

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