Refilliates Closed But Rival Casinos Take Bets

A few weeks back, casino affiliates were told by Deiter, the claimed owner of the Reffiliates program, that it, along with all their Rival powered casinos, had been sold. When asked to whom, no anwser was given. Back in March 2015, my winnings were confiscated at Tropica Casino, ironically by Deiter, citing FU clauses. DOCH then blacklisted all Rival casinos, to protect gamblers.

Unlike other platforms, privately owned and white label Rival powered casinos, are all hosting on Rival gaming servers. For players and affiliates alike, this presents a genuine problem. Because it’s very hard tell if a Rival powered casino is privately owned or a white label owned by Rival et al.

Since Deiter left refilliates and the associated Rival casinos, the affiliate program is now displaying a blank page. Yet the Rival casinos operated under this affiliate program, remain open and are accepting bets from tagged players. I started to do some digging, and discovered that, as far as I can tell, the refilliates program, along with the Rival casinos, were, and have always been owned by Rival & or their company subsiduaries. Either way, Deiter has lied to a lot of casino affiliates.

Deiter is now the operations manager at Its affiliate program, now sponsors the AGD affiliate forums.

let’s get this casino launched and promoted. It’s time to promote one of the good guys.

However, given what has transpired this last week, Deiter, the ex-manager of, seems to hold little respect for the truth. It would seem, he told bare faced lies to the owner of AGD.

Right now though, there are I’d think 100’s if not 1000’s of affiliates who are unable to access their stats at reffilates. I’m not sure how this will pan out. My hunch, these Rival powered white label casinos will continue to accept tagged player bets. But I can’t see the affiliates who are tagged to these players as ever being paid again. I hope I’m wrong. But it looks very suspect, if not dodgy.

NB – Wouldn’t be the first time Rival or their other companies, have fleeced affiliates. Could well be 6+ years ago, a web-wallet; from memory it was UseMyWallet, closed due to UIGEA and pressure for the USA DoJ. Rival claimed they’d given UseMyWallet money but were also owed deposits from this company, which they never received. As a result, Rival affiliates had their commission earnings garnished, to make up for these Rival powered casino losses.

Can’t recall Rival ever issuing any type of proof. Instead, they just helped themselves (err stole) other peoples money. That seems to be how Rival et al, and their white labels roll. This lack of integrity was amplified, when the company hired to audit Rival powered casino software, was not independent, but held a direct association with Rival Powered.

DOCH can not stress the importance to affiliates, to do your home work and background checks on any casino affiliate program, you indend to partner with. It doesn’t matter how much of a nice guy the Affiliate Manager seems. You need to protect your ass. What’s take place here with regard to Refaffiliates, should sound a very clear warning.