Jetbull Affiliates Account Goes Missing

Back in April 2013, Everymatrix Ltd who operates JetBull Casino and JetBull Affiliates Program, conducted a buyout of Tower Gaming. This also include Tower Affiliates program. This entire deal was kept very hush, hush, until the buyout was finalised. It’s been stated affiliates were sent notification via email. However as we all know, email isn’t 100% reliable – I never received that email.

By the time Tower Gaming had been bought-out by Everymatrix Ltd, I’d heavily reduced the marketing of Tower Gaming on my network. Previously heavily promoted and exclusively on one site. In June 2014, I attempted to contact Jetbull Affiliates Program but no reply. So started a thread, JetBull Affiliates Lost Account at AGD.

Even though this casino affiliate program is Certified at AGD, I had to *bump* the thread in Febuary 2015. In eight (8) months it had not received a single response from Jetbull affiliates. Posts to these forums ping an email to the affiliate program concerned. Yet ironically affiliate managers and programs, claim they never received the email notifications. Just like I never received the email about Tower affiliates being taken-overt by the Jetbull Affiliates Program, hey!

An affiliate did post an email contact and I tried that too. While I did receive a response from Jetbull affiliates. They’ve claimed my old Tower Affiliates account can not be found. Even though I have supplied all my personal details, email account and my old Tower Gaming affiliate Btag ID.

As it stands now, from April 2013, all my tagged players from Tower Gaming and all commissions generated by these casino players, have been essentially stolen by Jetbull Affiliates Program.