Vegas Affiliates Ass Clowns of Casino Industry

Vegas Affiliates Warning

The Vegas Affiliates program has been embroiled in drama, generally stuffing around their casino affiliates with no payments, overdue payments and or slow payments. The icing on the cake to their lack of respect for their partners and their ‘we don’t give a toss about our casino affiliates’ came when the Vegas Affiliate Program closed an affiliates account for speaking out: – Warning Vegas Affiliates Closed my Account Today

The trouble with Vegas Affiliates commenced with the change over of their affiliate program platform in late 2007.  From that time forward tracking of players, previously tagged players and basic functionality of their new affiliate program ground to a halt. The new Vegas Affiliates system was a complete screw up!

In 2008 and from many affiliate complaints voiced on numerous casino affiliate forums;  spanning months and months, Vegas Affiliates reverted back to their old affiliate platform. However it seems the damage had already been done.  From my own personal experience of this affiliate program upgrade, I’d lost a Whale and my stats showed funky results from that point onwards. At one stage I was showing a $10,000US commission which went MIA and never returned.

If all these cock ups were not bad enough, Vegas Affiliates retroactively changed terms and conditions which screwed over their casino affiliates further. Like all dodgy casino affiliates programs I yanked their casinos and kicked the Vegas Affiliates Program to the curb:

  • Vegas Joker Casino
  • Vegas Slot Casino
  • Grand Hotel Casino
  • Vegas Country Casino
  • Colosseum Casino
  • Vegas 7 Casino

Clearly all is not going well at Vegas Affiliates.
Contempt of their affiliates is evident with the lack of affiliate managers responding to partner question on numerous casino affiliate forums such as the GPWA and AGD.  Revolving door of affiliate managers, slow payments and broken promises from affiliate managers also rank high in the continued stuff ups with the Vegas Affiliates Program.

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As a seasoned casino affiliate veteran, I’d strongly suggest any casino affiliate contemplating  joining the Vegas Affiliates Program to re-think your options. There are far better casino affiliate programs in operation who treat their casino affiliates far better than Vegas Affiliates.