UK Gambling Commission No Casino Player Safety

UK Gambling Legislation has been postponed Until the 1’st of November. Giving the high-court judge, time to rule fairly in the challenge by Gibraltar. Nice to see democracy is alive and well in the United Kingdom. Though, it’s a pity, the same regard for UK casino players safety, are servilely lacking at the UK Gambling Commission. I had a chance to study their website today. It seems players who have issues with not being paid winnings, have been left out in the cold.

Rather ironic considering without UK gamblers, the UK Gambling Commission and taxes received from licensed online casinos, none of these would exist, without players depositing.

What’s worse, after literally wading through pages and pages of hyperbole, the only thing I could find remotely connected to UK player safety, was wrapped up in a 4 page pdf dated 2008. Of course in typical red-tape government style, this had nothing to do with my actual inquiry. All it managed to do; I will say very well in fact, was to waste my time.

UK Gambling Commission No Care For Players

Who wrote up these laws and put them into actionable policies, governed by a miles of compliance protocols, clearly hasn’t stepped anywhere near a land based casino, much less one online. The way these UK Gambling Licensing laws are written, at a guess, the UK Government hired university academics as consultants. Yes people who are generally out of touch with main-stream society.

Rude Awakening for UK Gambling Commission

We’re not talking about licensing scratch ticket machines. It’s online casinos, who have had years of experience honing their skills not to pay legit winners, by use of bogus casino T&C’s. So what does the UK Gambling Commission do? Instead of facing this problem head on, with protocols to force a UK licensed online casino to pay legit winners, it does absolutely nothing! Instead it waffles on about approaching other bodies to have UK gambling player issues addressed. The UK Gambling Commission further galvanises its sheer disregard for UK gamblers by citing, most online casinos are offshore and they are bound to their own jurisdiction laws. Say what!

By this stage I had read enough. It was clear; least in my opinion, these UK casino licensing laws, and for that matter, the UK Gambling Commission, were not here to protect UK gamblers but their to do what most Governments do these days, collect tax.