Brightshare Withholds Rightful Earnings

Seems Brightshare still hold an arrogance toward the rights of their casino affiliate partners. Clearly this can been seen by the broad-siding of casino affiliates in late March 2013, with the Brighshate retroactively changed terms and conditions. Which I’ll add, webmaster soon stood back to back and opposed the decision. Subsequently the pressure forced the Brightshare casino affiliate program to amend their unfair and retrocatively changed terms and conditions.

However a more sinister enemy is sharing its bed with the Brightshare casino affiliate program. One which remains hidden until it’s too late.

From 2009, I held a joint partnership with another affiliate on a number of websites. While both of us held personal accounts with Brightshare going back many, many years, we decided to commence promoting the Jackpot Factory Casinos associated to the Brightshare affiliate program in 2010. As such I, under my own personal details, opened a second account. This account was used to register players brought in from the joint partnership sites.

NB – This affiliate account was registered under my personal details and only has myself listed as the account holder.

Fast forward to August 2013. After issues which could not be resolved in the joint partnership, I called it a day. My parting agreement was to continue the 50/50 split of revenue on all affiliate accounts associated to that partnership. Effectively meaning, the shared accounts would still pay the split revenue to both parties, regardless of the partnership being unnulled.

However the ex-partner decided to play dirty pool instead. Apart from freezing jointly owned affiliate accounts, he contacted the Brighshare Casino Affiliate Program and even though I am the only bona fide account holder, Brightshare froze the revenue on that account too. Irrespective of the fact of standing orders to split the monthly revenue between both partners.

Ownership is deemed 9/10’s of the law and majority rules, not withstanding the fact the aforementioned account is held solely in my personal details. What game is Brightshare casino affiliate program up to? They certainly are not a court, nor are they attorney’s. Yet Brightshare ignored the legal rights of the one and only person who is the legal owner of this casino affiliate account. These actions demonstrate a clear disrespect for legalities, especially highlighting a sheer lack of ethics and of Duty of Care.

If your a new casino affiliate or a person considering an affiliate partnership with Brightshare, I’d suggest you take a few moments and weight-up what this casino affiliate program has done to its partners back in March 2013. Then look at what they are doing to a bona fide and sole account holder.

When affiliates join a programs, they hand over 100% trust, that is they believe they wont be scammed. If a casino affiliate program will ignore the legal rights of an account holder and hold no issue with reneging past agreements to pay 25% revenue for the life of referred players, can you really trust the Brightshare casino affiliate program to be sincere in their dealings and honour their legal rights to you as the the casino affiliate account holder?

I should mention, when I specifically asked my Brightshare affiliate manager the question… Why or how is it possbile that someone who is not the account holder, much less even listed on the account details, can dictate what happens to this account? Instead of receiving an straight forward honest answer, they opt to play semantics and childish games.

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  1. Seems my affiliate manager or someone from Brightshare/Spiral Solutions perused my email. But couldn’t be bothered to responding. IMHO a genuinely honest and sincere casino affiliate program would stand up to the plate, accept their error and try to resolve this problem. But not Brightshare casino affiliate program!

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