Casino Warning

As an affiliate I always test out an online casino before I consider promoting them. That’s what I did yesterday with Signed up and tried their free play video slots first of all before making a real deposit. First game Holiday Hotel, a 5 reel 20 pay-line with bonus round.  I played 50 free games and over the course of play I got 3 bonus features and the other 47 spins netted a pay-out on every single slot spin.

Next game, Conga Beat. Again a 5 reel 20 pay-line video slot. 50 games later the same freaky occurrence. All spins on this video slot machine paid wins. Having played online slots for over 14 years and being in the gaming industry since 2000, what took place is nothing short of impossible – that’s if they’re using a legitimate RNG. However there is nothing legitimate about these two free play video slots at

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I didn’t bother testing any other games out at because frankly the results I got on the free play games were enough to indicate something was differently wrong. have listed their RNG has been tested by iTech Labs Australia – though this was back in 2008. RNG Certificate.

Question remains, Holiday Hotel and Conga Beat paid wins on every single spin in their free play mode. If the RNG is still working within the tested parameters of the above iTech Labs report, this should not happen. Regardless of which game play (free or real wagering), these video slots should represent identical performances in game play and win based on the use of the same RNG.

Where this becomes a major issue,  these games are offered to new player to “test” out the casino games available for real wagers. Tweaking these two video slots to pay-out on every spin, basically scams players into signing up and depositing, thinking these slots are very, very loose. Obviously anyone who’s played online slots or slot machines at a land based casino know’s they don’t pay like this. However newbie players probably don’t know any better.

They play Holiday Hotel Video Slot or Conga Beat Video Slot, win on every spin, sign-up, make a deposit at and then realise these games do not pay anywhere near what they did in free play mode. There’s a word for that, it’s called scam!

I’d be extremely careful of playing at