Blacklisted BetReels Casino Warning

Affiliates who promoted Rival Casinos operated by program, have been sold out. Those effected, have lost all future commission payments. The now ex-owner of, Deiter, promised affiliates back in June 2016 when he announced the sale, he’d work with the new owners of for two (2) months, to ensure a smooth transition.

When asked who the new owners of refiliates program were, Dieter refused to answer, citing privacy. This was a valid question. It’s the sale of a commercial entity. The sale directly affects the livelihoods of hard-working casino affiliates. In hindsight, the refusal to answer this question, now seems clear. The new owners, were, a known rogue casino operator.

Dieter’s word, is now as empty as the pockets of his past casino affiliates. Bottom line, Dieter has a bag-of-cash from this sale, and his loyal, trusting affiliates, have been hung out to dry. I had words with Dieter back in 2015. When Casino FU Clauses were used to steal my winnings at Tropica.

The proceeds of sale from, is now invested in Dieter’s new casino, powered by Nektan software. There’s a large probibility Dieter has copy of the player database from The majority of these players would be tagged to affiliates. Given all the facts, and the way this sale of was orchestrated, DOCH is now blacklisting BetReels Casino.

As a gambler, you maybe thinking, I don’t care about casino affiliates. If a gaming operator has no qualms in shafting their partners, how can you trust they wont shaft their players too?

When Casino FU Clauses were used to steal my winnings at Tropica.

All gamblers and affiliates, should avoid BetReels Casino and BetReels Affiliate Program.